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The purpose of this report is to evaluate the issues that are resulting in employee disengagement and problems with staff retention at Lyden Property Services (LPS). To produce this report I have met with each member of staff to discuss their thoughts on working for LPS. This enabled me obtain information about issues that may not have previously been evident. The report will provide a review of the current structure within the company along with any recommendations to create an efficient, engaged and stable working environment for the employees.

Following the review of the staff structure the report will provide best practice guidance in recruiting staff for the new structure. 2. 00 Analysis of current issues. Since Jennie Timpson joined LPS she has been seen as professional and efficient in her work. There have been some instances of poor performance, inefficiency, breaking company rules in the post room and taking home confidential data. There is also a state of friction between Jennie and Simon Curlew, which creates tension within the office environment.

Jennie received a verbal warning 6 months ago for slow working but this was in Lydia's absence and under pressure from Simon Curlew - he has already publicly criticised Jennie so it is clear he is not content with having her in his team. It appears that Jennie was given no induction or training when she joined LPS. Work has been delegated to her by Simon Curlew despite Jennie being untrained in some of these areas. Jennie is also suffering from some personal problems at home which would factor in her recent performance.

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There is no mechanism in place to discuss such issues so Jennie has felt she has had no one to turn to and share the problems. Had she been able to discuss her issues with someone she could have been given counselling and advice on how to deal with her issues instead of allowing them to affect her work. Simon Curlew was appointed as the Office Manager due to his friendship with Dennis but has had no formal training in office management. His background is the armed forces and the manner he speaks to some staff would suggest he thinks he is still there.

He is authoritarian and can be heard criticising members of staff before the rest of the team. The consequence of this behaviour is poor staff morale and poor performance from individuals.  Sheila Rushton is pregnant and will be leaving in 3 months to take maternity leave. This is unavoidable and the business cannot continue replacing Sheila, even if it is only short term. Lydia and Dennis need a meeting with Sheila to discuss her plans following the birth. Sheila may decide to come back to work part time or she may decide not to come back at all. Turner construction mission statement

Whatever Sheila decides it will have an impact on the structure of the business. Phillip Deakin carries out the same role as Sheila Rushton but is fully qualified. Phillip considers his status within the company and salary as the most important factors in whether he should stay. It is clear Phillip wants to become a partner in LPS and unless he gets that it is likely he will leave the business to pursue other opportunities in the future. Lydia and Dennis must decide if they want to offer Phillip a partnership to retain his services.

Jason Pickering joined LPS 4 years ago and is an architectural technician. Whilst Jason gets immense satisfaction from his job he feels he is given additional work and responsibility but isn't remunerated fairly despite carrying out the duties to a high standard. Jason's day release at college undertaking a Building Studies course is relevant to his role and therefore is funded by the company. The course does not form part of a personal development plan for Jason and is not linked to a pay award on completion.

If Jason was given a personal development plan that consisted of objectives and goals linked to the successful completion of his course, his grievance about being unfairly paid may be satisfied. Tamsin Carter was employed as a typist approximately two years ago and has since enrolled on a secretarial course as part of her personal development. As it was Tamsins decision to do the course and at the time it wasn't relevant to her job, LPS agreed to pay 50% of the fees but stated that it must be carried out in her own time.

Now that Tamsin is able to type as well as the other secretaries she is given additional work and covers for both secretaries in their absence. It is apparent that Tamsins role has changed in recent months so it is possible that a review of her job description is required. The only issue that may pose problems for Tamsin is that she is potentially having a relationship with Jason. They work in the same office and relationships between employees are frowned upon. There is no policy in existence stating if employees are allowed to have a relationship so this is something that needs clarifying.

Guss Jeffries previously ran his own business but gave it up due to pressures of the non-technical side. The potential alcohol problem may be a side affect of the stress Guss was under when running his own company and this has developed again within LPS. Taking on work privately could be seen as a conflict of interest, especially if the private work is taking Guss from his day job. If proven, Guss should face disciplinary procedures for clear breaches of policy.

The fact that all of these issues exist and are not being dealt with suggests there is no direction within the company and people issues are not high on the agenda of the leadership. For this business to move forward and grow I have recommended a restructure to ensure there is clear leadership in each function and all staff are placed in roles suiting both their capability and competence. 3. 00 Organisational structure. The current structure in place has grown organically since the company was formed some years ago and has become disconnected.

Changes must be made to succeed over the next 10 years and to enable the current issues to be resolved amicably and without loss of personnel. The current roles of all staff will be evaluated and they will be consulted to discuss the options in the new structure. The changes recommended in the new structure will ensure the right people are placed in roles suitable to their skills and allow them to perform effectively and efficiently. The organisational chart shown below details the new structure and shows the vacancies created in yellow and outsourced functions in green.

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