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Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Systems Theory

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Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Systems Theory According to Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Systems Theory, microsystem refers to the groups that immediately influence and directly impact the development of a child. In my life this impact came from my family and church. As a young child I was very timid and shy. My family taught me how to be resilient in challenging situations. For example during large family gatherings, where confrontations occur among my cousins and I, there were several opportunities to voice my opinion and stand for what I feel was right.

The church I attended gave me a different paradigm on life. Being a part of this ministry allowed me to see my potential on a greater level. Over the years, I was given many chances to interact with children in a supervisory position. This experience helped me to discover my gift for teaching young children. Exosystem is the link between a social setting in which the individual does not have an active role. Being a military family, exosystem, also had a strong influence on my development as a child.

My step father was enlisted in the US Navy. At the age of eight years old, my family and I relocated to Virginia from Florida. We resided here for 4 years. During my time in Virginia, I discovered that school was more challenging than that of Florida schools. I struggled academically, especially the first two years. The academic lessons are a little more than a year worth of difference between the two school systems. So the two systems that impact me the most are the microsystem of my family and the exosystem of being a military family.

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Nurture and Nature does have an influence on adult development, but not as great as it is on children. Let’s look at nurture, as a child you are still developing. A child has minimal control over his or her environment and development has not reached maturation, that’s why children need adult supervision and guidance. Once a child becomes a mature functioning adult he or she can make sound decisions what is accepted in his or her environment. For example, Victor does not enjoy the city that he resides in. There are not a lot of opportunities for the career field he is working in.

Victor can make a conscious decision to move to a more suitable location. A minor has very little influence on where he or she lives. With the latest advancements in science we are fortunate to have the knowledge to counteract the negative effects of genetics. Nature influence on our quality of life is weakening. Maria’s family has a history of heart failure and diabetes. Maria’s, physical make up is that of her biological father. She is petite and pear shaped. Her paternal great grandmother, great aunt and grandmother died from complications of heart disease.

Maria has control over the foods she eats and activity levels. On the other hand, children foods and playtimes are decided by consenting adults. Through proper education and a healthy lifestyle she has a better chance of a life free of this illness. Even though nurture and nature have a minimum influence on adults, ultimately adults make the final decisions on their lives. Choose Wisely. 1. Witt, G. A. , & Mossler, R. A. (2010). Adult Development and Life Assessment. Retrieved from https://content. ashford. edu/books/AUPSY202. 10. 2

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