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Brand Personality Critical Essay

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Brand Personality > Brand personality is what distinguishes one brand from another or a particular brand from a product. is easier to intuitively understand brand personality rather than define it > It Brand personality of DABUR > Strong heritage > Herbal or ayurvedic benefit > Healthy > Nurturing > Consumers find it easy to deal with brands that have strong personality because it is easier to remember them.

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Brand Personality Critical Essay

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. > Besides possessing personalities, also acquires “Charisma” so much the better. > Ex : Lux has the aura of “The cine star’s soap” this aura of aspiration & achievements makes it irresistible. > The definition of Brand Personality available in literature can be classified into three types : > A) Emotion centered definition > B) Human centered definition > C) Others Emotion Centered Definition >Christine

Restall of McCann Erikson contends that it is because of an emotional pre disposition that people choose one brand instead of the other though there is no discernible difference between them thus, we can see brand personality as the emotional between the consumer & the brand. brand. >Crask & Laskey’s view of brand personality is that it is the sum of intangible assets of the brand. (Eg. Quality, Prestige etc. ) like intangible assets of Lifebuoy soap are germs killing platform, health positioning. >Its tangible aspects are its long lasting ability , its red carbolic cake and its bright packaging .

Projective technique has been used to identify the emotions underlying the brand > Maggi sauce > Red & White > Onida > Exide hot & Sweet Chili > Humor > Valour > Irritation > Peace TV battery Another way of using projective techniques is to identify the brand with an adjective. > Tata > Ayur Tea shampoo Blade > Fresh > Traditional > Macho, , Nurturing > Gillette Tough Human Centered Definition > Southgate defines personality as “the human characteristics of the brand in question, whilst taking special care that it is the brand that is being described and not he target customer. ( Is the brand male or female?.... Technocrat or nurse?.... Puritan or Hedonist? ” This route to defining brand personality transforms a brand into a human being. >Aaker’s definition of brand personality is close to this. He sees brand personality as the set of human characteristics associated with a brand. For Instance, Harley Davidson motorcycle is seen as a macho, freedomfreedom-seeking person. This is a personality. Similarly, Coke’s personality is “REAL” (the real thing! ); Pepsi’s is young, spirited, exciting. ” > 1. 2. 3.

Human characteristics might be demographic traits such as gender , age , socio-economic socioclass besides subtle personality traits like Warmth , concern and sentimentality. Brand personality can thus have demographic characteristics : Feminine (Sunsilk , fair & lovely ) vs. Masculine ( Fair handsome , Old spice ) Psychographic characteristics like upper class ( Surf Excel matic ) vs. blue collar ( Nirma , Ghadi ). Sophisticated ( Esteem ) vs. Rugged ( Tata sumo ) > 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 5 Personality factors namely are Sincerity Excitement Competence Sophistication Ruggedness Each personality factor composed of several sub-factors which is illustrated subbelow as a brand personality scale. 1. > > > > Sincerity Down to Earth Honest Wholesome Cheerful 2. Excitement > > > > Daring Spirited Imaginative Up-toUp-to-date 3. Competence >Reliable >Intelligent >Successful Inspire a leadership brand 4. Sophistication > Upper Class > Charming What we buy often speaks about ourselves > Van Heusen 5

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