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Book that has had the most influence

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What Is the book that has had the most Influence on you and how has It Influenced you? Author Nowadays, in century of information technologies people don't pay much attention to books, especially to fiction. This is a big issue, since some literature stories can be more useful, than TV programs or social network conversations. People of any age and any nationality can find some new sense in well known, but undeservedly forgotten novels and who knows how it could change their future.

Many years ago, hen I was a little curious child, I found in our family library Arthur Cowan Doyle novel collection, and began to read his famous detective stories about Sherlock Holmes. It's hard to imagine, but being 10 years old ordinary pupil, I stopped playing football with my neighborhood friends and watch animated cartoons for few weeks. All my free time was devoted to these knotty stories. Moreover, I tried to solve some problems by myself and forecast next Sherlock steps with great elation.

With great egret I finished last adventure and understood that current logical task was really final. Everyone can ask me, how detective stories, without some hidden philosophical sense and educational thoughts could make great influence on little child. And I should give an unexpected answer. From that time I became interested in mathematics and in other exact sciences. I was very successful in different logical tasks and considered to dedicate my life to IT and math.

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And who knows, maybe that old fall evening, when I first found Sherlock Holmes story - was crucial point in my life. Looking back through years, I understand that it is never too late to discover world, get new knowledge, and as result change yourself. Generally speaking - reading Is a perfect Instrument to rich all these alms. People shouldn't forget about books because with every new read sentence reader becomes more Intelligent and erudite. So don't waste your time for unimportant things, do your best to make this world more beautiful.

Book that has had the most influence essay

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