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Board Resolution Sample

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B and B Communications Philippines Incorporated RESOLUTION NO: ____, S-2012 A resolution to open a Current Account with the SECURITY BANK, CUBAO BRANCH was placed before the Board for conducting its day-to-day financial transactions. After discussions, the Board unanimously: WHEREAS, B AND B COMMUNICATIONS PHILIPPINES INCORPORATED is a company duly organized and existing in accordance with law, rules and regulations with postal address at ____________________________________________________ Barangay __________________ District _____________, _____________ City;

WHEREAS; the said Bank be instructed to accept and act upon any instructions relating to the account kept in the name of the Company or relating to any transactions of the Company with the Bank, provided the instructions are signed by the authorized signatory(ies) of the Company in the manner mentioned as above. WHEREAS; the said Bank be instructed to accept receipts for money, deeds, securities or other documents or papers or property or any indemnities given on behalf of the Company provided they are signed by the authorized signatory(ies) of the Company in the manner as mentioned above.

WHEREAS; the bank be furnished with a list of the names of Directors of the Company and a copy of the Memorandum & Articles of Association and be from time to time informed by notice in writing under the hand of the Directors/Authorized Signatory of the Company of any changes which may take place therein and be entitled to act upon any such notice until the receipt of further notice under the hand of any Directors / Authorized Signatory. WHEREAS; the resolution be communicated to the Bank and remain in force until duly rescinded and notice thereof in writing be given to the Bank by ny of the Directors of the Company. NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE B AND B COMMUNICATIONS PHILIPPINES INCORPORATED During its last regular meeting to authorize as it hereby authorizes the opening of Current Account of the company with the SECURITY BANK CUBAO BRANCH. “RESOLVED FURTHER THAT the aforesaid power entrusted to the following official shall be valid and effective unless revoked earlier by the Board or shall be exercisable by them so long as they are in the concerned to the Company. ”

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Name of Principal RepresentativePositionAddressContact No. Henry HinatePresidentAntipolo City09333398883 Name of Alternate RepresentativePositionAddressContact No. John Lesther MercaderVice PresidentQuezon City09165948435 For Operations “RESOLVED FURTHER THAT all acts, deeds, things, matters, etc. as foretasted shall be deemed to be valid and enforceable only if they are consistent with the instant resolution as may be relevant in this case and that the Board shall not be responsible for any acts beyond the scope of the foretasted powers done by Mr.

Henry Hinate / Mr. John Lesther Mercader and such invalid, illegal acts, and acts done beyond the scope of powers granted in this Resolution shall not bind the Company against any third parties or before any authorities in any manner and that the Board shall not be answerable in that behalf. ” “RESOLVED FURTHER THAT a certified copy of the resolution be given to anyone concerned or interested in the matter. ” ADOPTED NOVEMBER , 2012 Mr Henry Hinate Board Chairperson/ President

Mr, John Lesther Mercader Executive Vice President for Operations Board of Directors Ms. Jeane BetitoMr. Rogelio ReyesMr. Ed CunananMs. Jenny Amador Secretary CERTIFICATION This is to certify that the foregoing resolution was approved on _______________, 2012 by the majority of the members of the Board of Directors and Members of the Organization present in a meeting Called for the purpose, there being a quorum. Done in Quezon City, this _________________, 2012 MS. JEANE BETITO SECRETARY

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