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Best Practices of Supply Chain Management at Walmart

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Walter has always considered it important to reduce it's purchasing costs and pass on the same infinite to its customers . Let procured goods directly from the manufacturers bypassing all the Intermediaries . Walter procured goods only when It was assured that the goods are not available anywhere at lower prices -Walter spend a significant time with there vendors and understanding their cost structure . By making the process transparent it assured that the vendors did their best to keep the costs down .

Walter had 40 distribution centre in 1998 , and due to its own distribution centre it was able to maintain a consistent and steady supply . Walter used Bar-code technology and handheld computer system . Every employee had real time lamination of the Inventory levels . Another Important feature of Walter's Supply Chain Is Its efficient Logistics System . Walter has Its own Logistics Structure . Due to its transportation costs are only 3% as compared to 5% of its competitors . Also it recruited drivers who had an experience of accident free driving also have a rule books for the drivers .

And the main focus of the drivers was also customer satisfaction . Walter believed it needed drivers who were dedicated and committed to efficient customer service . Walter Invested heavily In IT and communication system to effectively track Its sales and Inventories in the store . Walter also have Its own Satellite communication System . Due to the highly sophisticated communications systems Walter was able to track all the real time data of sales and inventories in the store NAS the same data is passed on to the supplier of Walter , which makes it easier to replenish the goods faster .

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And due this it was also able to bring down its inventory levels . Cross Docking also helped Walter to reduce the Inventory Storage Costs . Walter's Supply Chain Practices exulted In Increased efficiency In Operations and Better Customer Service and subsequently it was able to pass on this benefits to its Customers Bibb Apparels Private Limited ("Bibb") Bibb Is Involved in the designing and marketing of women's apparel brand. In Dalton to establishing Its presence In women's ethnic wear segment In India, Bibb segments of the market.

As of February 28, 2011, it operated through 68 exclusive brand outlets and 133 multi-brand outlets, including 65 Future Group outlets. Turtle Limited ("Turtle") Turtle is a Kola based manufacturer, distributor, exporter and retailer of answer products, such as shirts, T-shirts, trousers and accessories like ties, cufflinks and handkerchiefs. As of February 28, 2011, it operated through 46 exclusive "Turtle Wood" brand outlets, 1,550 multi-brand outlets and 80 Future Group outlets.

Capital Foods Exports Private Limited ("Capital Goods") Capital Foods is a company engaged in food processing having development and manufacturing capabilities in various processed food products, such as instant noodles, sauces, chutneys and microwavable rice and curries. It retails its products under the brands: Capital Foods Limited is proposing to establish a footpads at Koala/ Tumor in Karakas under the Mega Food Parks Scheme of MOP.

The park is being designed to provide integrated facility for food processing enterprises and to enable the farmers in the vicinity to sell their farm produce with minimum wastage and intermediation. Further, the Sambaing program has enabled our relationships with some of the partners to scale up and grow to the next level. Neatly Home Products Neatly Home Products, which started as a small FMC trading company in 2001 , scaled up its operations in 2003 to cater to Future Group's requirements by setting up an 800 sq. Ft. Manufacturing plant at Palomar, Maharajah's.

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