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Benefits of Co-Curricular Activities

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With the Internet, people now have even more opportunities to bully through cyber bullying, especially teenagers. This includes sending embarrassing pictures, posting fake web pages, or tweeting hurtful messages. Cyber bullying has gradually led to a rise in a completely new kind of bullying. One of the effects of bullying is that it can change the victim’s personality. It can cause people who are normally confident and happy to become self-conscious, shy, and unsure. To add on, victims of bullying may also become sad or depressed.

Their confidence may become very little, keeping them from trying new things or trusting people. Once a person has been bullied, they may hesitate to participate in situations where he or she might be made fun of, such as speaking in front of a large amount of people. Furthermore, victim might even begin to possess previously absent anxious behavior. Another effect of cyber bullying is the people who have been bullied sometimes become so depressed that they see no worth in themselves and no way out of their torment.

There are times when victims even resort to seek revenge on the bully or worst, ending their life's . There have been countless reports over the past few years of students committing suicide because they were bullied. As a result of cyber bullying, people can lose their ability to trust and develop eating disorders, begin to self-injure, or require extensive counseling. Another unfortunate consequence of this is that cyber bullying is often a cycle.

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People who have been bullied can, in an attempt to gain their power and self-esteem back, become cyber bullies themselves. In conclusion, there are three main effects which are,changing the personality of the victim,the victim may have suicidal thoughts or might want to seek revenge and victim's might turn out to be bullies themselves. Hence, cyber bullying is as harmful as bullying even though it does not leave scars on the surface but it the victims will be scared emotionally.

Benefits of Co-Curricular Activities essay

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