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Axe commercial

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The current Axe print advertisement in question is part of a global campaign to promote its new line of "Peace" products, trying to strike down the sexist image It had previously. Axe partnered with a non-profit organization called Peace One Day and alms to promote peace In the world by an anti-war agenda and also gender equality. An end to the gender wars. This Is an example of using polymers through the slogan "Make Love, Not War", which Is the use of the phrase to Incorporate multiple meanings.

The ad is directed at both males and females, unlike other Axe advertisements in the past, and so both men and women are considered the inscribed reader. According to the deputy executive director of Axe in London, David Kolkhoz, "It's a theme we've been playing with for a while now, the equilibrium of the sexes. This is Just the first time we've done it in this more serious way. " (Nude, 2014, Para. 9) The idea that Axe is moving into different territory by attempting to equalize men and women sexually is emergent discourse.

Scripts of lust and hyper sexuality are giving way to scripts of "Make Love, Not War". This can be seen as a desirable outcome for a female audience of the Peace products. If this Is a successful outcome, women's views on Axe will shift, they will purchase the products for their partners and profits will Increase. When the deputy executive director was asked If this new message of love and equality Instead of lust and gender wars was possible or believable in an Axe campaign, he stated that "the brand has been slowly evolving for a while now. " (Nude, 2014, Para. ) using war in an advertisement campaign is an ambitious marketing tool that Axe tries to combine gracefully with peace and sexuality. The scene of the ad is based in a war zone on a beach featuring an array of different scenarios. There are soldiers, fighter Jets, helicopters, a soldier with a flame thrower and smoke seeping into the sky in the background. Amidst all the chaos, there are waterfalls, couples in hammocks, people swimming, and airplanes in the sky are formed In the shape off heart. In the middle of the ad there is a women in a brightly colored dress In the arms off soldier.

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There Is a couple falling from the helicopter together, a couple flirting by a tank, and woman massaging a man on the beach sand. Filters are a profit motive and, In this case, one motive Is using war In the campaign. It is particularly affective because we are currently involved in a war. Promoting peace, by calling the product line Peace, is an active attempt of lifestyle communication. Making the hippie peace movement a cool comeback for the company. Ensuring consumers that Axe is trying to be part of the solution and not the problem.

This creates a self-surveillance by which some consumers will purchase the Peace products to feel good about themselves using a product that promotes peace. This is a positive social ideology that many people strive for. Consumer's social position on this issue, war, create a negotiated reading of the product, and they purchase more. The reader Ex.'s senior director, Matthew McCarthy states, "Young people care deeply about the future. This generation Is socially conscious and more digitally connected than ever. " (Nude, 2014, Para. 0) The ewe Axe advertisement does not fully deviate from Its previous campaigns. The positioning of women in the ad is still very similar to previous ads, however, it's just these soldiers. They are not shown in uniform like the men, but they are in play clothes and are scantily clad in short shorts. There is a women on top of man massaging him and another in the arms of a soldier. To some, this is still a very sexist Axe ad. This is seen as an oppositional reading and in direct conflict with the social ideologies that the Axe executives are trying to portray.

The reception of the ad is probably mixed due to split political ideologies in the world. Many people would take this campaign face value and feel that it is promoting world peace. Many people might view this as an attempt for Axe to finally end sexism in their ad campaigns. Others will see this as Just another sexist advertisement littered with sexism but Just shown in a different light. Analyzing media using these ideological methods is extremely interesting when you delve into detail and dissect every notion of an ad or an entire campaign.

Looking at the ad from different ideological perspectives is eye-opening and interesting. Researching other ads was entertaining and the entire process is engaging. These are all positive aspects of the process. Sometimes difficulties arise when trying to decipher what ideologies are accidentally placed in an ad or what is purely intentional. Axe could have a specific agenda that may or may not be interpreted by certain audiences. This is a con when trying to analyze accurately. Overall, the ideological method of analyzing media is very useful and thorough.

Axe commercial essay

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