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Araby Interpretive James Joyce

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Araby Araby is a short story about a young boy that falls in love that has little or no experiences on the subject he in turn gets to feel for himself some of the follies that come along with it. Firstly we see the awkwardness the boy demonstrates around his crush. This boy who remains nameless throughout the story we see follow around a girl and spy on her, this in my books isn’t a great way to get the ladies, but on the other hand he is just a boy and the story took place over one hundred years ago so I’m thinking this might have been ok back then so I guess I’ll give him a break.

Next they finally meet late at night in a dark room by chance and the young boy is speechless can’t even remember what he says at first when the girl asks if he’s going to Araby, but he does vow on bringing something back for her. I’d say that’s reasonable, something I have done for a girl I liked, I have also been painfully nervous around a crush so I can relate. Now he’s on a mission putting all the parts in play, he gets permission to attend Araby, then the promise of funding from his uncle to complete the task at hand to win his loves heart.

He’s ready to go got everything in order but something doesn’t go right and his uncle comes home awfully late, but the boy pushes to go no matter what he’s made up his mind and he’s going something all of us can relate to at one point or another. Finally getting off the train alone he arrives at Araby, he makes is way to the market only to find most of the booths closed he approaches one but sees only English tea sets and pottery, shortly after that the lights go out and he stands there in the dark feeling angry and disappointed.

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I think he was just wasn’t mature enough to deal with the situation he was out of his element at Araby, he should be in church, school or playing, he’s too young to be concerned about this kind of stuff, but at least now he’s learned a lesson that love its tough and things don’t always go the way you plan, we have all been there and it sucks and even though what happened to this boy is tiny on the grand scale of relationships it can still hurt.

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