Appraisal and performance management

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Adcock, F. & Birth, I. Trivitt, (1988) identify that 'Performance Management absorbs the previous concept of 'appraisal' within a structured, active, on-going process that ensures each individual works to a personal performance plan and is helped to achieve the objectives within that plan'. Unlike the traditional appraisal, with Performance Management the individual works towards objectives within a set plan. A chain of reviews throughout the year with the line manager ensures that the individual is monitored, managed, coached and guided towards successful completion of those objectives (Adcock, F. & Birth, I. Trivitt, 1988: 403-404).

The features that make up the complete process are very simple to set up and very simple to operate, no matter what organisation are planning to set it up. Last minute announcement (she never had the time to prepare for appraisal form) Make her aware of it long time before the time due (training- communications). Gerard's time keeping was wrong as he was madly rushing to finish last minute tasks (Manager have not prepared for the appraisal) He should have completed what he had to do before the time for Claire's appraisal.

He just told her in a rush "Have a look at it and sign it" (No discussion took place) Gerard did not give time to Claire to read her appraisal (No two ways discussion took place). He should have sat Claire and gave her feedback and future targets should have been set as a goal for the employee to meet. All staff given "excellent" rating (hallo effect) "Balance of ratings" would have been fair on each individual employee. He only commented on only 1 aspect of past performance-recent

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He should have reviewed objectively the whole period since last appraisal. HOW GERARD SHOULD MANAGE PERFORMANCE: The overall aspect is for Gerard to influence the work performance of his individual workers, Gerard can rely solely on day-to-day hands-on supervision or line management. Also Gerard could design and implement a full Performance Management system that works continuously on an ongoing basis and lastly Gerard could do much better by adding some form of appraisal system in which the individual's work is reviewed periodically, maybe once a year.

Therefore, if Gerard were to take these precautions in to account, Gerard would be successful in improving his performance management. When designing the system, Gerard should draw up good effective support papers Above all, he should not treat Performance Management as a form-filling exercise. That will not do justice to the process, to his organisation or, least of all, to the individual. It is how the employee has performed that counts, not how the forms are filled up

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