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Analysis of film poster

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The white In the centre makes you look at the tree just in front of the light, using it to draw attention. Although this image is strongly rooted, black is still used in the design a lot, which takes away a bit from the image of it as a death color, yet keeps its air of elegance and sophistication. In movies in particular, the dark color is used a lot in movies with horror or gothic themes, using our fear of the unknown and unexplored - the dark spaces we know nothing about - to promote their themes. So, these three mall color showing that the poster a sense of darkness and mystery, as well as a Mathew sickening feel to it.

It's quite obviously a fantasy color palette, and it matches the genre of the movie and makes people focus on the intriguing picture in the middle. Key Image: The main image in the picture is of the back of the girl. The small girl is walking towards and standing In front of what look like an old time portal. The shadows and the shapes of lurching trees surrounding on her. The girl looks as If she is wandering off into the unknown, showing that there's going to be some suspense and possibly scary parts in the movie. The large dark arches with the goblin face on hem also give off the essence of creepiness.

She may be stepping into the unknown. Background: The poster as it includes a lot of the clear blue color of laser rays that are something of a staple of the genre. It Is a support by the environment the characters are In, space, adding the darkness and unknown element to the design. The edges of the picture are pitch dark, which means people are supposed to focus on the central image. Behind the title of the film can see that was a brazen, this may indicate that there is something on the other side. Realism: There is nothing realistic about the image on the poster except for a small RL standing at the bottom.

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Everything else in the poster looks to be pure fantasy. It does not look Like a photograph or picture. Therefore, It doesn't have much realism Text Color: White provides a good contrast to strong colors, such as black and blue. It can be used in small amounts or large amounts without becoming too overpowering or overwhelming, a positive aspect of the color. The negative point is that it is the color associated with surrender and cowardliness as the symbol of surrender is a white flag. We can see that the main title, Pan's Labyrinth, is printed in dark brown with gold-rimmed lettering.

The dark brown of the lettering contrasts with the bright white background, attracting the viewer to read it. The font is a classic looking, sophisticated lettering style, possibly showing that this labyrinth or story is timeworn. The 'R' in the word 'Labyrinth' carries on at the bottom into a branch, showing that the little girl could be entering the labyrinth, as it all entwines. It draws our eyes to it. Tagging: The tagging at the bottom of the poster says "Innocence has a power evil cannot imagine. " The tagging tells you that this girl is walking into danger and that it's a film all about an innocent young girl facing evil.

At the top of the poster, there is a quote saying "Beautiful and exhilarating... A fairy tale for grown-ups" Because it is at the top of the poster, but smaller than the title, it should be the second thing that the viewer reads. Positive reviews and laurels on the posters will intrigue customers as they know that they can trust the professionals. Text Font: The font is a classic looking, sophisticated lettering style, possibly showing that this labyrinth or story is timeworn. The 'R' in the word 'Labyrinth' carries on at the OTTOMH into a branch, showing that the little girl could be entering the labyrinth, as it all entwines.

The letter "R" has been Joined with the trees around the border of the poster, showing that the tree and the letter "R" were inseparably intertwined. Target Audience: The target audience of the movie poster for this movie would be fantasy lovers. Even though it looks pitch dark, perhaps many children as it has an element of mysterious adventure about the movie. There are three laurels from film festivals, including Cannes Film Festival and the New York Film Festival, which are tot immense festivals in the film business.

It shows that the film has been the love by the harshest of critics and film experts. Reaction: In my opinion, I think this is a great poster, and it matches the film itself, its genre and its look very mystery. The cinematography and magic-realism is a visual treat, and the movie will leave people thinking of it for a long time. It is one of those films that only get better when it reattached again. It shows to people there will be an adventure, and although people don't know the significance of the small girl, people will assume she will be part of it.

There 're lots to look at, but it's not overly busy. Layout: I like the layout of this poster. It is very clever how the edges blackened around the poster. So people will only see the central image. When the people look in the centre, then gradually look further out, it notices the giant moon above what looks like a portal, people can see the trees and the gremlin or goblin type sculpture in the arch. It is very detailed, even the small print at the bottom has the details of everything, but the main focus of the layout is a small girl who standing on the bottom.

Analysis of film poster essay

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