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Analysis of Drama Through the Movie the Devil Wears Prada

Essay Topic:
I chose to write my drama essay on a film, specifically The Devil Wears Prada. I chose this film because it is my favorite movie of all time. It is my favorite because of how benevolent the characters can be, I will explain this in more detail soon.
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I definitely consider The Devil Wears Prada to be a drama because of all the controversial events that goes on in the movie; I will also explain this in more detail later. The Devil Wears Prada is a story about a young journalist Andrea Sachs, played by Anne Hathaway, who scores a job at a famous fashion magazine called Runway Magazine.

Although she is a journalist she ends up getting the position as one of the assistants to the head of Runway Magazine, Miranda Priestly, who is played by Meryl Streep. Meryl Streep is depicted in the movie as a cutthroat bitch; she constantly says mean things to her employees with disregard to their feelings. For example, Miranda meets Andrea for the first time and Andrea is not the most fashion worthy person, she wears stripes with plaid and wears military boots with her dresses to work.

Miranda looks up and down at Andrea and says to her “you have no style or fashion,” Andrea starts to respond with “well I think…” and Miranda quickly cuts her off and says “No no it wasn’t a question” (Frankel, 2006). Even though Meryl Streep is very cruel to Andy, she still keeps the job because she is told by a coworker that if she works with Miranda for a year, then she can get any job in the city after that. Her co-worker is Emily, played by Emily Blunt; she is also very rude and does not treat Andy with any respect.

Emily is the executive assistant to Miranda which means that during fashion week in Paris, Emily will get to attend Miranda and Andy will stay at the office in New York. Andy does not mind anyways because she does not care to meet all the fashion designers, which are in Paris. Over a period of time working at Runway, Andy decides to get a makeover because she feels she will be more respected by Miranda. After the makeover, Miranda does notice the more positive things that Andy is doing and even starts to call Andy by her real name. Before Andy had her makeover Miranda would simply call her, “my new Emily” (Frankel, 2006).

Andy became extremely good at her job, but she noticed that the better she came at her job, the more her life with her boyfriend started to fail because of all the time her job consumed. One day Emily got into an accident, she was hit by a cab, while running an errand for Miranda. Therefore Emily cannot go to Paris with Miranda. Miranda calls Andy in and tells her that she will be attending fashion week instead of Emily, Andy is somewhat pleased but feels bad for Emily who has basically starved herself to fit her dresses for the trip. Then Miranda tells Andy, that she must tell Emily that she is going to Paris and Emily will not be going.

This causes so much controversy, resulting in Emily no longer will speaking to Andy. During the trip in Paris, Andy finds out that other fashion designers are plotting against Miranda to take over Runway Magazine. At the same time as this is going on, Miranda was just told by her fourth husband that he wants a divorce. He said that Miranda never spent any time with him or their twin daughters. For some reason, Andy tries to tell Miranda about the other designer’s intentions and when she is successful, Miranda said she knew all along about the plot against her.

Andy is so mad that Miranda knew about the plot and did not even appreciate that Andy was trying to protect her, that she leaves Paris and throws her business phone away. Two weeks later in New York, Andy applies for a job at the New York Times; she comes to find out that the editor at the paper had contacted Miranda. Andy is very worried that Miranda said negative things about her, because of the way she quit her job. She comes to find out that Miranda said all positive things about Andy and quote, “you would be an idiot not to hire her” (Frankel, 2006). Therefore, Andy got the job as a journalist at the New York Times.

This is definitely a drama because of how many events are going on that cause disagreements. For example, the whole issue with Emily not being able to go to Paris, and that Andy was the one who had to break it to her. I felt as the viewer, this caused a lot of tension. When I watched this scene I actually empathized with Emily because Andy had to take her dream of Paris and crush it, nonetheless while she was still recovering in the hospital. Despite all the hate I felt toward Emily before, because she was so mean to everyone around her, I still felt horrible for her.

No matter how mean a person is, I don’t believe they should be hurt intentionally because every person has feelings. Another reason this is a drama is because of the irony; Andy gets her first job as an Assistant to a very powerful woman, which she has never even heard of before. In the opening of the movie they show a scene of all the women getting ready for their interview with Miranda. The women are putting on designer clothing, high end make up and all wearing stiletto shoes. Then they show how Andy gets ready and she just brushes her hair and her teeth and grabs a bagel.

It’s ironic how the one girl who does not care about her image gets the job. Miranda explained to her later that the reason Andy got the job is because she saw determination in her, and she did not look like one of the “Barbie Airheads” who have had the job before (Frankel, 2006). I personally enjoyed this drama because of how mean all these powerful people can be. I find it amusing because it’s shocking that people have such disregard for others emotions. I know that I can be mean at times but I do show remorse afterwards. Being a victim of bullying all through school, it shocks me to see that this is where all the bullies seem to work.

I also love this movie because of the plot, Andy, the shy and respectful young lady, comes out on top. Whereas the mean and backstabbing women such as Emily are out of jobs. Finally I enjoy this drama because of all the fashion, I might not dress up every day or shop at high end stores, but I do love to look at all the beautiful clothing. If I had the confidence and money to buy these clothes and wear them I would, so I love seeing a poor girl like Andy be able to just walk into the Runway Magazine closet and pick out whatever Chanel shoes she wants or Prada handbags, that’s a dream come true in my book.

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