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In this essay I will be analysing and comparing modern car advertisement. I will be looking at three adverts. The first advert is for the Ford Fusion. The second car is the Ford Mondeo. Lastly I will be looking at the Ford Fiesta. The type of people who buy the car is very important to the advertisers. For example the Ford Mondeo is a large, spacious, safe car. The target audience for this car would be a family, because it has all the aspects of a family car. It is safe reliable and spacious.

The Ford Fusion as well has all the aspects of a family car. It is safe reliable and spacious with a great view. The Ford fiesta is a small, versatile reliable car. Therefore the advertisers would aim this car at young, adventures people such as young couples who are between twenty to thirty years old. This is very useful to the advertisers. They know how to aim an advert to a certain audience by using such techniques as questionnaires.

Ford Fusion

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The image for the Ford Fusion advert is a man over-looking the city of Barcelona, thinking what a great view it is, which links in with the cars slogan "Get used to a better view". The man in the advert looks middle age, about twenty to thirty years old. I think they used a man for this advert that fits the criteria of the car, which is quite tall, slim and manly. The young man is wearing trendy which I feel helps with the appearance of the car. Somebody watching this advert would see a young trendy guy, because of this person will think he is trendy, so am I and they will go and buy the car. Therefore the advertisers have done there job.

The reason they used a big cosmopolitan city such as Barcelona because it suites the car perfectly. The car is very versatile and useful. It can handle the narrow and busy streets of a cosmopolitan city such as Barcelona. It also has the height and style of an off-road four by four, which links in with the cars slogan which is get used to a better view. In the photograph advert the car takes up half of the space showing the importance of the product. The photograph is not too bright, but still stands out. The colours complement each other so they attract the readers' attention therefore making the photograph more appealing.

The advert uses lots of adjectives to make the product sound powerful. "Tough", "Bold" and "Fusion" emphasise the whole car. The Ford slogan "Designed for living, engineered to last". I think this slogan represents what the Ford Fusion is all about. Fusion I feel means the combination, union or blend of different elements of a sort of car. These elements which are tough, bold, trendy and a better view fused together to make the ultimate car, the Ford Fusion.

Ford Mondeo

The storyline for the Ford Mondeo is a small vulnerable girl who gets woken by lightning which is in the backdrop. The child gets out of bed and walks downstairs. The stairs creak to give suspense and a disturbing theme. The father gets woken. They use a quick shot of the father being woken then back to the girl. The small girl is carrying a security blanket as well as sucking her thumb. This shows she is frightened. She then walks into the garage, switches on the light. Opens the car door and climbs into the back seat. She falls asleep clinching on to her security blanket as well as sucking her thumb. The camera is then panned out to show the car in the garage as well as the father figure popping his head through the door.

The aspect of the car which is being focused on is safety, which fits the storyline perfectly. A little girl who is vulnerable and afraid gets into a car then falls asleep feeling safe. Therefore the advertisers used the message of the advert which is "Safest car around", to make a very effective storyline. I found it effective. In the advert the advertisers use storm sound effects to give the mood of a scary movie. They do this so the child gets afraid and would want to go to a safe place. The type of people who will buy this car would be a family, because it has the safety aspect. It is also very spacious and reliable. I think that an older male most likely to be thirty years and over. I consider this car to be powerful but apart from that it has traditionally been the father's job to drive the family around.

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