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An Overview of eLogistcs

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Essay on overview of e-logistcs . 1. Introduction With e-commerce, the rapidly unfolding and modern logistics is increasingly due to develop in depth the concept of e-logistics . I refers to the use of electronic means, in particular the use of internet technology to complete the entire process of logistics coordination, control and management. The purpose of e-logistics is in the logistics organization,electronic transactions, services,management, logistics business activities,so quickly and easily achieve the speed of logistics, safe , reliable and low cost.

Traditional logistics generally refers to products manufactured after the packaging, transportation, handling , storage . [pic] (Fig 1) E-logistics can also be referred to as logistics electronic logistics information , I refers to the use of electronic means , in particular the use of Internet technology to complete the entire process of logistics coordination , control and management, and all the middle of the front end from the network to the final client process services. The most notable feature is the application of a variety of software and the integration of logistics services .

The purpose of e-logistics is the logistics organization , electronic transactions, services , management and logistics business activities quickly and easily in order to achieve the speed, safely, reliable and low cost. [pic] To compare. The main features of e-logistics is the integration of front-end services and back-end services . Many dealers are faced with the problem of the combination of front-end customer order management, customer relationship management and back-end inventory management , warehousing management and transportation management . differences between e-logistics and traditional logistics e-logistics and traditional logistics’ biggest difference is in the information use. In traditional logistics, the information in different member or different departments . The information transparency, timeliness and low cost. E-logistics advantage is internet technology to form a comprehensive logistics information management system. [pic] By comparison. The E-logistics specialization , especially in information processing technology, to really uses’ the integrated value of the logistics information .

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Transparency of information enabling customers to their own logistics information processing according to the needs of their own personalized anytime, anywhere . The continuity of logistics information to further optimize the development of the logistics of the enterprise . 4. example 7 - Eleven convenience store is now the world's largest retail network operators and is recognized as a model of convenience stores in the world.

In addition to its advanced management and brand marketing to support its rapid development , another important factor is the strong rear logistics support system. 7-11 is a shop in the high-density concentration of the specific area strategies and centralized logistics program . This program each year save 10% of the original price of goods costs. 7-11 chain is generally only 100 - 200 square meters size, has provide 2000 - 3000 kinds of food . There are food from different suppliers. Each food shortage or surplus .

Transport and storage requirements are also different . at any time according to the different needs of the customer can adjust the variety of goods , all the requirements of high demands to the logistics chain. Regional centralization strategy is relatively concentrated in a certain area to open more stores and shops to be in this region reach a certain number , and then gradually extended to build stores in areas . The distribution center has a computer network distribution system, connected with suppliers and 7-11 stores .

In order to ensure constant goods distribution centers will generally retain about four days of inventory based on past experience . At the same time , the center's computer system receive periodic inventory report every day for various shops and goods report . The distribution center focus of these reports analysis , and finally form a picture of the orders issued to different vendors , computer network to the provider , the supplier will be scheduled within center delivery of goods . -11 distribution centers in receipt of all goods , respectively, packaged goods to various shops , waiting to be sent,The next morning, the delivery vehicle will be filed out from the distribution center , select road delivery to shops in their area . The entire distribution process daily cycle. 7-11 can keep track of goods in transit , inventory, goods , and other data , additional information on the financial information and suppliers can grip into the hands of these data are crucial for a retail business . -11 currently has achieved worldwide at different temperatures with the distribution system, and set a different distribution of temperature for different categories of goods. In addition to the distribution equipment , food distribution time and frequency will have different requirements . For food there are special requirements , such as ice cream , 7- 11 bypass distribution centers, delivery vehicles early in the evening three times directly from the manufacturer, the door pulled the various shops .

Implemented for the general commodities 7-11 is the distribution system three times a day , 3:00 am to 7:00 distribution the day before the evening production of food products in general , from 8:00 am to 11:00 distribution the night before the production of special foods such as milk , fresh vegetables also belong , 15:00 to 6:00 the morning of delivery the same day the production of food , such day , the distribution frequency of three times to ensure the store does not stock the same time , to ensure the freshness of food .

In order to ensure that the supplier of each store 's foolproof , distribution center , a special distribution system and the distribution of three times a day with . Each store will be met at any time some special cases resulting in out of stock , and then only to an emergency call to the distribution center , distribution center will be the safety stock to store emergency delivery, safety stock have been exhausted , the center turned to supply emergency cargo , and sent to the shortage of shops in the hands for the first time . -11 have been able to give full play to the characteristics and advantages of the e-logistics , they are able to in-depth understanding of marketing strategies. 5. convlusion Through research I found that the electronic logistics in Europe and the United States and Japan and South Korea and other developed economies has been more widely used, particularly , with the development of electronic commerce , e-logistics development trend . Third-party logistics development in this direction .

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