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An Analysis of the Movie, Fight Club b David Fincher

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In the beginning of the movie, the Narrator has a nice apartment and fancy furniture. After his apartment is destroyed, he moves in with Tyler and they live in an abandoned house that is practically falling apart, and make soap for their living. After losing all of his personal belongings, the Narrator, with the help of Tyler, creates Fight Club.

Through this ultra-private organization, the Narrator becomes an extremely powerful leader of Fight Club. Everywhere that the Narrator goes, he is recognized by other members and always given special treatment because of who he is. Although the Narrator has lost all of his fancy personal belongings and is living almost in a state of disparity, it does not matter to him, because he is content with who he has become.

Throughout the movie, the Narrator's self-image changes greatly. He sees himself as a more powerful person, which is obvious when the audience realizes that Tyler Durden is no more than the Narrator's view of himself. The Narrator plans out attacks and leads his club as if he were a heroic military leader. The Narrator makes himself into what he wants to be through his invisible friend, Tyler Durden.

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He gets respect and admiration from people who would have laughed at him before his ascension into Fight Club. He became what he wanted to be even though he had none of what society views as things that people need to become anything important, such as a nice home and a nice car.

The movie Fight Club illustrates Tyler Durden's quote, "It is only after you have lost everything that you're free to do anything." Tyler Durden uses this line in the movie to show the Narrator and the audience that just because he has practically nothing, he can still become anything that he desires to be, even though he has lost almost all of his personal belongings.

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