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An Account of How Macbeth’s Personal Ambition Consumed Him

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I come to bury Macbeth. and divulge his nefarious and meticulous conspiracy, not to praise him. I am a loyal servant of the rightful Macbeth was a former battle-hardened soldier, Who was loved and respected by our beloved king Duncan. Macbeth was acknowledged for his glorious efforts on the battlefield where he fought gallantly for God. King and County, and received many honorable titles like brave Macbeth, valiant cousin, and worthy gentleman. For all his gallantry, thane of Cawdor was the ominous Macbeth foremost title, Which previously accompanied the MacDonald, oh! the irony of it. It was heard that the treachery began when Macbeth was returning from the battlefield to Duncan's camp, and he encountered the mysterious and enigmatic Witches.

The witches and their catalytic prophecy were the first major Influence on Macbeth's actions Macbeth, then, by Thane of Glamis. was content with his position, until the three Witches foretold him, "hail to thee, Thane of Cawdor, thou shalt be King hereafter." After hearing this, Macbeth and Banquo, his loyal friend. discovered that King Duncan had named Macbeth "Thane of Cawdor." The Witches also advised them that Banquo's son would be King one day. They contemplate how the rest of the prophecy will come true. It is then that Macbeth realizes that for him to in fact become King he Will have to defeat King Duncan and the recently named heir to the throne, Malcolm, the Kings son, and also prevent Banqous son from gaining access to the throne.

This was in the back of Macbeth's mind from the very beginning. The prophecy of the three Witches only fired his imagination to confirm the terrible deeds he was already planning, the death of King Duncan, and to tear the throne from his dying hands. As a reward for his Patriotism it was announced that a celebration should be held in Macbeth's new lair. Dunsinane. and the King was to attend blissfully unaware that anything might be amiss. Witnesses put forward that when Macbeth arrived back at his castle he was overheard conspiring with Lady Macbeth regarding King Duncan's murder. In order to commit a murder of such a beloved king Macbeth had to meticulously plan step by step on how he would carry out this vicious deed. At every opportunity, Macbeth conspired with his Wife Lady Macbeth on how to commit and succeed.

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With such a murder. Lady Macbeth desperately Wished her Macbeth to be King and she calls upon the aid of sprits to help her in her quest for the throne. Lady Macbeth requests that the, "sprits that tend on mortal thoughts," unsex her, and fill her with the "direst cruelty". The supernatural World would aid her in the hardening of her heart and make it possible for her to carry out her malicious plan. Lady Macbeth wishes to throw out her morality for the sake of gaining a title. With the help of spirits, she wants to make herself able to commit a heinous act of murder to make her dreams of the royal life come true, without having reservations or remorse.

Lady Macbeth could not complete the task herself and most likely urged Macbeth to act on his desires or he Will think of himself as a coward therefore pressuring and exploiting his manhood. With his Wifes caioling, and the three Witches foretelling of his future, the tyrant, Macbeth, would stop at nothing to gain posmon as King of Scotland. Duncan the former king of Scotland lay peacefully in his humble chambers. I contend that the servants guarding the kings bedroom were drugged in order to gain a silent entry. Macbeth then quietly crept towards the king lying asleep and with murder weapon in hand and proceeded to ruthlessly butcher the greatest king ever to have commanded Scotland. Awell beloved and honored king noW brutally dead.

That night was as if Scotland's heart had been unforgivingly ripped from it. Acting as his accomplice, Lady Macbeth seeing Macbeth bearing the bloodied daggers of the murder proceeded to place the daggers back at the scene of the crime and smeared the thickened blood of king Duncan onto the innocent servants. However, Macbeth did not just stop at the death of the king. His own personal ambition consumed him, and he went on a bloody rampage and murdered anyone who stood in his way, such as the two innocent servants, whom he drugged in order to frame and in addition conceal the sinister deed that he committed. The murder aroused suspicion in some of the public, especially in the eyes of Banquo.

Banquo knew that Macbeth had murdered the three, and Macbeth sensed this and ruthlessly ordered Banquos death at the hands of two assassins, who he manipulated into believing that it was Banquo's fault that they are poor by telling them, 'that it was he In times past, that held you so under fortune.’ Macbeths personal ambition consumed him as he then capriciously planned the execution of Mac Duff's entire family to thwart any potential heirs claiming the throne. Innocent women and children were massacred during their sleep while their father, Mac Duff was away planning a resistance against Macbeth. Macbeth turned Scotland into a reflection of his own mind he has turned Scotland into hell and was running it in tyranny his dictatorship over the country had to be eliminated.

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