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Among the Hidden Book Report

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Among the Hidden In the book Among the Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix is about the Governments rules and restrictions about having more then two children and in this essay I'm going to describe the three characters and how they resisted the Government. The book Among the Hidden is about Government controlling the population by limited the number of children people can have and how one boy Luke survives bing hidden in his house his whole life. I'm going to write about three main characters and how they resisted the population police. They can change the future by opposing the government and population police by helping the shadow children.

I'm going to write about Luke, Jen and Mr. Talbot and how they defied the Government and population police. Luke resisted by getting a fake I. D, Jen resisted by creating the shadow children chat room and Mr. Talbot resisted by sabotaging the population police work. Each characters had there own way to combat the suppressive Government. Luke is a naive 12 year old boy that can never leave his house because he is a third child which is illegal and all that changes when he discovers Jen. After he found Jen he did a lot to resist the population police. One of the things he resisted was that he sneaked out to Jen as much as he could.

They usually talked about how Government and population police were wrong. Also, he left his home to help the shadow children, so he got a fake I. D as Lee Grant. Luke proved that he was brave by leaving the safety of his home and the only four people he loved and know to help other shadow children. Jen is brave and street smart 12 year old 3rd child and unlike most shadow children she happened on purpose. Jen also did many things to resist the population police, but she been doing it for most of the 12 years of her life. One thing she did was create the shadow children chat room.

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Another thing she did was that she blogged about the stuff she thought were wrong and thought was right. Also, she thought of the rally at the presidents house. Even though it ended terribly, she still hoped and tried. Jen was very courageous and persistent, she died trying to help all the shadow children and she encouraged Luke to go out and help the Shadow children on his own. Mr. Talbot also known as Jen's dad works for the population police but he does not agree with them and tries to sabotage them as much as he can, I'd describe as a secret agent working inside enemy lines.

He resisted the population police by agreeing with Mrs. Talbot about taking care and keeping a secret about Jen. Another thing he does is bribing the citizens, workers and the policeman about shadow children. Also, he helped Luke by getting him a fake I. D so Luke can go out and help shadow children. Mr. Talbot is braver then Luke or Jen because he works for the population police and if he gets caught he can lose his job and get killed so he is very cunning and valiant.

They can alter the future by withstanding the Government and population police by helping the third children. Luke, Jen, and Mr. Talbot are very brave and heroic. They help shadow children in different, but equally important ways. Jen with her outward protesting, Mr Talbot and his inside secret ways and Luke with his courageous decision to go out to the world only to help third children. This book Among the Hidden is captivating and intelligent novel and the characters are interesting and different that makes me want to read this book over and over again.

Among the Hidden Book Report essay

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