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Aims of Higher Education

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Students may have divergent aims while receiving higher education. They may chime with expectations of policymakers, employers, the faculty, society, or they may concern some other personal needs of students. All in all, the main purposes of getting higher education are getting a desirable position, developing personal skills, respect in society and preparation for future life.

The major aim of higher education is getting a good job because it is necessary for a good position and high salary. Nowadays presence of a diploma is a ticket to a good job. During the whole life a person is told by his or her teachers that without higher education it is very hard to get fixed up in a good job. From this follows another aspect – high salary. According to Russian Centre of Society’s opinion poll, 76% of recipients claim that without higher education it is almost impossible to get a well-paid job.

These examples show that higher education is significant for employers to offer one a desirable and well-paid position. Secondly, studying in a university is a challenging, life-enhancing experience for two reasons: students gain substantive knowledge and develop personal skills. Graduation from university supposes that students will have a common level of knowledge and information literacy. As my Mathematics teacher said, that every piece of knowledge we get will come I hand. Developing personal skills is also important.

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Aims of Higher Education

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Tatyana Nikishina, university teacher believes, that socialization is an essential part of educational process, and it develops a lot of other skills, which will be helpful in future. The evidence suggests that higher education will help to improve one’s knowledge within a particular field and individual skills as well. Moreover, getting higher education is essential nowadays, as without it one will not be respected and with it one can assume leadership roles in community.

Today more people within the society have higher education and it really hard to be treated with respect without one. My mother says that now people would communicate only with those who have a diploma, although its presence does not mean that a person is intelligent. It is not a secret that people with higher education are more likely to assume leadership roles. From my own experience I can say, that higher education plays a great role in forming a company of friends, collegues.

In brief, it is quite obvious that today people with higher education gain more respect within society and are able to take leading roles. Furthermore, studying in a university will prepare students for future life: they will have career-related courses and will be able to use their knowledge in everyday life. Students are supposed to enter those universities that will help them in their future career.

A. Shebistova, Curtin University teacher claims that with choosing a faculty, a student studies within a particular field of knowledge, and this theory would definitely help in practice. To sum up, getting higher education is needed to get ready for future career and knowledge received will be useful in common life. To conclude, the major aims of higher education are getting a good job, improving personal skills, being an authority among community and getting ready for further life. But still, some people suppose that one can be successful even without higher education and it is just waste of time. It is up to everyone to decide whether he or she needs higher education or not.

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