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A Study On Communicative Teaching Education Essay

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That is an of import inquiry because the reply is that really we communicate all the clip in several ways in order to show our thoughts. We have different ways to pass on harmonizing to facts as age, civilization, instruction, etc.

For illustration, when we are babes we merely cry but even when we do n't talk we are showing something. Finally, when we learn to pass on utilizing our mark linguistic communication we do it of course because we are involved in a context that uses this linguistic communication so we get used to talk it in a short clip non by larning grammatical regulations but, as Nunan expresses we learn a linguistic communication `` as a dynamic resource for the creative activity of intending... we need to separate between cognizing assorted grammatical regulations and being able to utilize the regulations efficaciously and suitably when pass oning '' . ( 1989 )

When we want to larn a new linguistic communication different from the mark one there are many methods or attacks that we can utilize, all of them for the same intent: Communicate.

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A Study On Communicative Teaching Education Essay

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The communicative instruction attack arises from the dissatisfaction of many pedagogues that are non happy with the audio-lingual method because grammar is difficult to larn and pupils get bored in category because they do n't happen the existent public-service corporation of the new linguistic communication.

Since the pupils were larning how to construct a perfect sentence they did n't hold the opportunity to pattern existent communicating. This method focuses more on the purpose of communicate and less in the perfect manner to talk because the pupils have to happen one manner or another to show what they want to state.

This attack uses activities that simulate existent life state of affairss and encourages the pupil to pattern the new linguistic communication speech production it and happening the manner to give significance to their words without the necessity of a perfect grammar. In these activities the pupils can work in braces or groups where they can happen feedback from their schoolmates so they feel less afraid because they find themselves in a friendly context. These activities are more interesting for the pupils because they can utilize their ain thoughts and they do n't hold to interpret or reiterate words to larn, so they keep motivated. They can take the manner to show their thoughts based on the individual who is listening to them and besides on the context that they are working in.

Besides this method is good for the instructor because there is more flexibleness to do activities that seem more like a game giving pupils a relaxed and merriment environment where they can happen replies from their couples. Besides, the appraisal of the pupils is based in measure up the ability to pass on in a right manner.

A communicative schoolroom is really noisy because the pupils have to be involved in activities where they can talk and listen to their schoolmates. Besides, they can work stand up and they can be traveling so the category is non deadening. Therefore, they gain assurance and they feel comfy talking the new linguistic communication. The pupils have the duty of their ain acquisition and the instructor acts more like a usher and an perceiver.

The communicative method is based on several rules. One of the most used list of rules is David Nunan 's ( 1991 ) which describes that:

  1. It puts accent in the communicating in the foreign linguistic communication across the interaction.
  2. It introduces existent texts in the state of affairs of acquisition.
  3. It offers chances to the students to believe about the acquisition procedure and non merely about the linguistic communication.
  4. It gives importance to the pupils ' personal experiences as elements that they contribute to the acquisition of the schoolroom.
  5. It tries to associate the linguistic communication learned in the schoolroom with activities realized out of it.

Therefore, the pupils are larning like in the existent life from their experiences and besides from the experiences and feedback from their schoolmates. Besides, they are larning to utilize the linguistic communication in simulations of day-to-day state of affairss, so they are acquiring accomplishments to public presentation in a societal and cultural existent context utilizing a normal linguistic communication non a perfect one like the one used in books. The pupils besides learn to hold coherency when they are talking to do their sentences apprehensible and meaningful. In this sort of schoolroom the pupils work in braces or groups so they can be able to better their interaction whit other people imitating a existent state of affairs holding an interaction that allows them to negociate an discuss uncertainties. Is of import the uninterrupted usage of the mark linguistic communication, here is where the instructor acts as a proctor oversing that the pupils do n't talk in their native linguistic communication in order to hold a existent pattern during the activities. The pupils does n't hold to act in a specific manner, when a error happens the pupils are non punished, alternatively of that the instructor raters to honor the eloquence and good pronunciation. Besides, in some activities the pupils are free to take what to state and they besides can take the easiest manner to state it. Thus the pupil can develop schemes to larn and measure by themselves.

Another of import point is that the pupils have the opportunity to show their feelings and emotions so they feel comfy in category because they feel they are doing an of import part for the acquisition procedure.

This method uses an effort to animate the existent communicating but is non precisely the same. It 's of import that the pupils use what they learn in schoolroom when they are out of it.

In other methods the chief purpose of acquisition is translate words and sentences and larn a perfect grammar that sometimes is sort of useless in existent life, is better to larn how to believe in the new linguistic communication so the pupils do n't hold to interpret before speak, losing clip and eloquence. At the terminal, the significance is what matters the most. In other words what is of import is the content of the sentence, non the manner to state it.

The chief technique in this method is to do activities that promote communicating between spouses.

It 's of import to hold a desire of communicating doing inquiries and giving replies to advance duologue holding a ground or a subject to speak about. The instructor can put the subject or give the pupils freedom to take it, therefore the pupils have a communicative intent. Sometimes activities in the communicative schoolroom can look unreal because pupils are merely conceive ofing state of affairss and besides because the instructor is largely of the clip following to them which non occurs in existent state of affairss. To avoid this disadvantage, the instructor can seek to utilize more existent stuff like magazines, books, games, etc.

I think that this method can be used in a learner-centered schoolroom where the most of import individual is the pupil and all the activities are focused to better the public presentation of the scholar acquiring near to existent life state of affairss.

In my personal experience as pupil I have had the opportunity to experiment communicative activities and I truly like them because small by small I 'm less afraid to talk and to do errors because if I 'm incorrect normally I have feedback from my schoolmates or from my instructor.

Besides this method makes me experience more interested in the new linguistic communication, English in this instance because I like to utilize it non merely in the schoolroom but in my existent life.

I would wish to utilize this method in my categories to do them more merriment and interesting and besides to make a friendly environment with my pupils.


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