The Wrong Side of Attraction

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“Love Can Be Deceiving”, most people would say, but Tommy Shooter did not believe so. A General in the United States Marines in his mid-30’s, Tommy was muscular, quick-tempered, highly trained sniper. One day Tommy led his troops to Afghanistan in search of terrorists when they were ambushed. Tommy was shot in the leg during this and, the medics quickly carried him and his other injured soldiers to the chopper where they were air lifted to the military hospital in Paris, France. Upon arriving at the hospital, the doctors took Tommy to a room for emergency surgery. Dr. Scholl’s Ph. D. , calls for his top nurse to come and assist him. Walking into the room with her candy stripe nurses uniform, was a mid-20s Italian brunette woman with hazel green eyes and a smile to brighten any man’s day. Smitten with love at first sight, Tommy tried repeatedly to gain Blair’s attention. Blair growing up in a wealthy family was very independent and did not want to have to live on her family’s fortune. Blair wanted to work and make her own money. Her dream was to become a Certified Nurse in a big city. She found her dream job in Paris miles away from her family back in Italy.

Blair saw Tommy as a cocky general, who always tried to sweet talk her. Every morning when Blair entered his room, the first thing she dreaded to hear from Tommy was “Hello Nurse”!!!!!! Tommy wore the biggest smile after yelling this to her. After a while, she began to enjoy hearing him say that to her. “At least I know he has great taste”, Blair would always say. Tommy was held in the hospital for a month before being released, but every morning he would come to Blair with his “Hello Nurse” and twelve dozen roses, before leaving he always told Blair that she would be his wife.

Blair found his persistence very attractive, so she decided to give him a chance; they were married under the Eiffel Tower, and they settled in and off base fancy townhouse flat near every tourist attraction and venue in the heart of Paris, France. They love their new home, marriage, and romantic Paris atmosphere. One day Blair opens her mailbox to find a “FREE Two Person Admission” to The Number One Magic Show in Paris, France. The night of June Fourteenth two-thousand seven, Tommy received a call that would change everything for Blair and him. He was to be deployed back to Afghanistan.

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Tommy was not surprised, but he did not know how to tell Blair, since it was the night before their one year anniversary. Upon departure, Tommy says to Blair that he is in love with her and that he would love for her to enjoy herself at the show even though he will not be there, but he will come back home to her soon. After Tommy’s departure, Blair decides to pick up her tears and to enjoy the Paris scenery. Leaving her townhouse flat, Blair sits to an outside restaurant and helps herself to a meal. As the night falls, Blair decides to attend the magic show. “I will write Tommy as soon as I get home to tell him about my day”.

Blair says sipping her martini. “Hello my name is Johnny Chan and this is my friend Natasha McBain. There before her stood a good-looking low-musculared Asian man. “Hi my name is Blair Shooter, I am a LPN at the Paris Military Hospital, what about you guys”, Blair says with a smile. “I have recently opened a Computer Technician’s Store and if you need your computer or laptop fixed, don’t hesitate to let me know. FREE of Charge first visit,” Johnny says sipping his beer. “Hello my name is Natasha McBain she wore dark-blonde hair as if painted by an artist, curvaceous , and in her early thirties. I’m a supermodel in every top magazine, and it’s so nice to meet you. ” Blair did not really like Natasha but enjoyed her and Johnny’s company. Suddenly, the lights dims, “Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Michael Dunn and I am your magician for tonight prepare to be amazed!!!! ” Blair was very amazed not at the show, but with her love of magic and mystery Blair saw most of the tricks. The disappearing act, cutting the box in half, and the pulling the rabbit out of the hat trick, but Blair’s attention was on Michael himself.

This white debonair magician, “Looks like he’s in his mid-twenties”, Blair says to herself. “And for my last trick ladies and gentlemen, I will need one volunteer, How about you miss”, Michael says smiling at Blair. “Why not, I love magic” Blair says. “Great I am going to hypnotize you with your consent or course”, Michael says. “Of course,” Blair says before falling asleep. The crowd clasp and Blair becomes awakened, blinded by the spotlight Blair smiles confusingly and sits back in her seat. She’s was puzzled without any recollection of the trick or anything.

After the show, Blair could only think of Michael, he approached her before she went out of the theatre. “I know you feel this connection between us”, Blair looked into Michael’s eyes. “Yes” she says. That night, Blair slepted in Michael’s arms, as if she was with her true love. “ Be Careful Who You Fall For” “It has been two years, and I am ready to see my wife. PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) will not hold me down, my wife’s love can heal me”, Tommy says to himself. Departing the plane he notices that Blair is not there to greet him, puzzled he catches a cab to his townhouse flat. “Honey, I’m here!!! Tommy yells to find her not there. “I wonder where she could be Tommy thought to himself. Two months pass and Blair finally enters their townhouse flat. “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!!!? ”

Tommy yells. Nonchalantly Blair says “Oh with friends, and when did you get here umm Tommy, yeah that’s right, as if forgetting his name. “Friends for two months!!! Tommy snarled “Yes” Blair smiled. “I am not going to argue with you umm Tommy I’m going out we will talk later” Blair says slamming the door behind her. Suspicious Tommy follows his wife to a Magic Theatre, walking closer Tommy hears his wife involved with another man. Love can be deceiving,”Tommy says leaving the theatre he gets into his car and grabs his pistol thinking to himself. “I am confused, broken-hearted and in rage…I will kill him, and her” “NO!!.. ” “I need a drink”, Tommy says getting back into his car he drives to the bar near his home. At the bar, drowning in liquior, Tommy is approached by this gorgeous, dark blonde-haired, blue eyes, curvaceous woman. “Hi do you need a friend my name is Natasha McBain, I noticed that you seem in need of someone to talk to as well as I do”. “That’s fine”, Michael says gathering his attention back to his drink.

Tommy and Natasha confide in one another over the night, Natasha tells Tommy of her on again off again friend/lover Johnny Chan, and Tommy confides to Natasha by telling her of his wife’s betrayal, his marriage, and uncertain future. “I will fight for my marriage!! ”, Tommy says in a drunken bluster. As the time passes they comforted each other physically and emotionally, and the next morning Natasha was gone. Without any sign from Blair, Tommy grabs his rifle and sets out to her lovers place. Seven o’ clock that morning, Tommy wakes to hear Blair’s laughter.

Posted above the roof-top across the street from Blair and her lovers place, Tommy quickly wiped his eyes and perched himself across the ledge with his rifle assembled and aimed. As Tommy looks in the scope to pull the trigger on Michael, Blair jumps into the shot hugging and kissing Michael. Tommy heart drops “this was a waste of my time, maybe I should just let her be with him”, Tommy says packing up his gun. “NONSENSE” a voice in the shadows says. “Who is that? Who is there”, Tommy says frightened. “Pardon me sir, I would love to offer you a deal in your dilemma,” says the stranger. That man you tried killing. I can give you all of the power you can ever imagine, all you have to do is succeed in eliminating him. He’s cheating with your wife and that’s not right, I will give you a more powerful life.. a better life…his life”, says the stranger . “ Who are you and how do you know what I am going through? ”

Tommy yells. “My apologies”, the stranger says, my name is Steven Clay appearing from the shadows there stood a very big intimidating, white male with long straight black hair, and piercing wicked green eyes, which made Tommy’s hair stand on the back of his neck and he begin to sweat. That man you tried to kill, his name is Michael Dunn, he is an imposter, he is not a true sorcerer”, says Steven. That night at his little Magic Show, he hypnotized your wife and she fell in love with him. ” “I will not allow him to trick anyone into falling in love with them, that is against the rules and he knows that. ” “A master of the arts, my mentor, and my teacher,” says Steven, BUT when it comes to women he is a fool always that is when a true sorcerer is truly weak and vulnerable,” Steven says smiling at Tommy. What do you want me to do? ” Tommy says looking at Steven.

“The deal is for you to come her again in the morning and shoot him again I will give you a special bullet. When Michael Dunn is dead I will know, then and ONLY then will I make you immortal. ” “BUT if you FAIL AGAIN. I will take your life, body, and soul, you see I am a shape shifter, and a soul reaper ALWAYS looking for damned souls, your life will become my and a part of me for all eternity,” “SO DO YOU AGREE? ” Steven says whose eyes were turning red. Yes I agree “ replies Tommy, “Great, I will know when the job is done”, Steven says before vanishing. It is 2:00 a. m. , fueled with drunken rage, Tommy has not been sleep, “I can’t sleep, today is the day that Blair’s lover dies,” Tommy says. With his bottle of Jack Daniels in hand and his rifle in his car, Tommy drives to the Magic Theatre, and falls asleep on the roof-top across the street from his wife and her lovers place. It is now 7:00 a. m. , Tommy wakes to hear Blair’s laughter, he then again props himself along the ledge with his rifle assembled and aimed.

Tommy sets his scope and waits for Blair to leave, “See you later Amore”, Blair says “Okay” says Michael with a look of disgust as he walks back into the Magic Theatre. Ready to aim, Tommy fires his rifle and the bullet shoots out the barrel like lighting, “BOW”. Michael turns and blocks the bullet with his supernatural powers, when he sees’ Tommy on the roof-top across the street from his building. Michael throws the bullet back toward Tommy knocking his rifle off of the ledge and onto the sidewalk. “Fool” Michael says as he walks back into the Magic Theatre.

Failing miserably, Tommy rushes home to gather his things to escapes Steven’s raft. Barreling into his townhouse flat, Tommy begins packing his things to go back to the United States. “I have to get away from the liers, cheaters, and most importantly I must keep my soul,” Tommy says laughing nervously. Suddenly Steven appears in a puff of black smoke, “YOU HAVE FAILED, I WILL SUCCEED WITHOUT YOU!!! ” Without a word Steven steals Tommy’s soul, and has the power to now shape shift into Tommy and back to himself. Steven now pleased with enough power to conquer Michael, along with Tommy’s body.

The next morning, Steven walks up to Michael and grabs his chest looking into Michael’s eyes, Steven says “You will NEVER Be ME” showing his true face. “STEVEN!!! ” Michael says before falling dead. Gaining all of Michaels power and stealing his soul, Steven decides to continue roaming the Earth for eternity searching for new souls to take. Meanwhile, Blair reading the morning paper, see’s that her lover Michael has died, she immediately breaks down and goes mentally, physically, and emotionally insane. Her wealthy family finds her homeless in downtown Paris. We have searched all over for you”, Blair’s mother says as tears roll down her cheeks, “our daughter has become delusional,” Blair’s father says. “She’s has all these crazy fantasies of magic spells, of disappearing shape shifting men. ” “And all she keeps repeating and the end of all of this nonsense is PIERCING WICKED GREEN EYES, PIERCING WICKED GREEN EYES, PIERCING WICKED GREEN EYES”, before fainting Blair’s father adds. “We will just have to admit her, she has gone insane my daughter always believed in that magic nonsense” as he walks away.

Blair’s mother kisses her good-bye and they transport her to The Paris Asylum, for the Mentally Insane. It is now Sunday morning, and Natasha McBain wakes up with hope of true love in her eyes. As she begins her day, she walks out of her penthouse suit onto the sidewalk and she says to herself, “ Today will be the day that I will FINALLY tell Johnny Chan how I truly feel,” says Natasha sipping her coffee. “This time without magic or tricks,” her eyes changing from blue to red as she puts on her shades.

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