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Wordsmith and The Gold Mountain Coat

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The poem “Wordsmith” is talking about a boys father who is constantly working on their house. To perfect it. It mentions how he “ he fills and smooths and sands as filling in all of the empty crevices. ” While the boy is watching though I can sense some sadness, maybe for the fact that his father spends more time on the house rather than with him. He might feel as if the imperfections of the house are more important then him. The short story “The Gold Mountain Coat” is about a father named Sam sing. Sam has an rugged appearance it states that he rarely smiled or even talked for the matter.

Sam has two sons Ken and john. He was proud of the fact that when he was unable to look after the chines restaurant anymore he would have to sons to take over. Sam seems very unfriendly. He never visited the other family with his son. His life seemed to be devoted to the restaurant rather that to his family. The similarities between the fathers in the “Wordsmith” and “The Gold Mountain Coat” would have to be that they both work very hard. I think that they do it for their families. To show that they care deeply and want to provide a nice place to live and help sustain a good life.

In “Wordsmith” is says that the fathers “love keeps him moving from room to room”, meaning that he does it out of love although it may come off as if he doesn’t care. In “The Gold Mountain Coat” it shows that he actually has a lot of love for his family and works hard to provide for them even though it may not seem as it and that the sons are afraid of him. When john asked for a second coat for him and his brother and that his son could grow into it Sam said yes. I think that shows a lot of love. Both fathers are very caring and both do everything out of love.

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Wordsmith and The Gold Mountain Coat essay

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