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In the Ad they are showing the effects of verbal abuse on women. They are trying to do something about it and raise awareness to all form of abuse, which is not always physical. They are showing a place where women can go to, someone who would help and do something about it. Most of the women don't talk about being abused because they are afraid of the disgrace. The women are being abused because of the Idea that men have that once they are married to them they became their property; they get to do whatever they want to do to them.

KAFA are trying to enlighten the people and let them getting a little bit wiser about women's rights and they are now going to help abused women. All what women have to do Is to call them and tell what she is suffering from. The tone they are using here serious, because this situation is becoming all over the place and no one seems to bat an eye about, shocking; because this abuse will live for many years with the woman and hunt her down and spoils every moment of happiness that she ever dreamt of having and that could to lead hem to commit suicide.

With KAFA they don't have to suffer in silence they will give them help. KAFA Is looking for a better society where all Its citizens live free of violence and where they have equality. In general KAFA started to make these Ads to spot the light on certain behaviors in our culture. They are trying to get us on track to recognize women's rights. One factor Is that women are considered some kind of slave for the men desires. Another factor is that the women role is shortened as an indoor role only. However, woman is an ffective fgure in society she could do any thing as better as men.

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The biggest factor that led to this campaign Is the Arab Spring; after what happened In the region has opened the eyes wide open to see that we are In the phase of changing. Therefore; women became part of the Arab Spring and now they have central role in that transition. In KSA women now have the right tovote In Saudi parliament that only means one thing, which is we are at the doorstep of new era of a democratic world. All of these factors helped to create this organization to increase awareness of Women's rights.

The main thing KAFA Is trying to advocacy and builds awareness of women's status and issues in our region, for a better tomorrow with equality. This organization is all about having a better society with no violence and women slavery. This civil society organization Is looking to mitigate the causes and results of violence and exploitation of women through advocacy and lobbying. The message for women in this Ad is you dont have to suffer from verbal abuse or any other kind; we are here to get you out of the gutter.

Dont stay In the shade come to the bright side. I nls AO was a consequence 0T wnat Is nappenlng lately In tne region, wnlcn Is tne Arab Spring. All of the Arab countries that suffered from dictatorship are now up against their regimes. It is started from Tunisia all the way to Yemen. The people are claiming their rights, democracy and fair elections etc. Several countries from the region are undergoing fundamental transitions, including holding elections, making new Constitutions, new laws and establishing mechanisms for transitional Justice.

The outcome and the results of these processes are critical and very sensitive for the rights of women and their status in the new era of democracy. The Arab uprising has empowering women to claim a wider and larger presence and role in the public, and that is a revolutionary thing, and that is a good thing to exclude the decades of gender stereotyping. The position of the women has been difficult. In 2002 the first Arab Human Development Report cited the lack of women's rights is caused of, lack of political freedoms and poor education, that hampered the region's progress.

Nowadays, Women and men are seeking human rights, Justice and equality after decades of dictatorship. That thing yielded of making companies who afraid of excluding women from the revolution because the revolution impact on women still unclear. Most of the people in the revolution are hoping this revolution will boosts women's rights, but the outcome still didn't match up their expectations. Some Islamic-extremes parties that have been raised to the authorities are considered as a threat to women's rights. In these rough days women is playing a very important role n the revolution.

In Libya women smuggled medicine, weapon all of that Just to help the rebels and prove that they are helpful and could be an important part in their revolution. Even now while the situation still raging some people start a revolution inside of revolution all that Just to keep women's rights within the aims of the main revolution. KAFA made these Ads to spot the light on women abusing. It is not same any more the abusing is not physical it took another shapes nowadays; it became verbal, insulting women with hurtful words.

Therefore; they are trying show what they are fighting for and it's a thing people should be up against the same as the dictatorship regime. A lot of doubt that the women case will remain the same as it was before because men are looking for their own sake. Consequently; organizations all around the region including KAFA are making people aware to not forget women in our revolution and that we are standing for the same case and it is a chance to write a new chapter in our history of freedom and equality with no sexism and gender stereotyping. Eventually stop women abusing.

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