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Why Childcare is Good for Children

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Charndrea Johnson Composition Instructor:  Linda O'Connor Week 12: Individual work Introduction This Essay I choose is basically to tell you why you should choose childcare for your child and why it’s good for children. Also why I approve of my child being in one. Choosing an appropriate childcare for your young children seems very overwhelming. But as a parent it’s your responsibility to ensure that your children are safe and happy in a childcare that is fun, educational, and nurturing all at the same time, so that you know your child is comfortable in their environment.

Whether it’s an in-home, center based daycare or preschool. And you should also know your children’s temperament, which are their likes, dislikes, health, interests, and behavior. Yes they might give you a hard time the first few times you drop them off but once they get use to their care taker they are going to be comfortable around them. I choose my topic to be about child care, because I feel that it could be good for any child but I do and don’t like some parts of child care.

For instance I would prefer for my child to be in a facility where they are active with other children, learn educational material that can prepare them in the long run. Not sitting in someone’s home watching TV, playing, and taking naps. That more like you’re paying a teenager to babysit your child while you’re at work not somewhere professional. But I approve of an exalt professional child care where you know your child is safe and happy. Not somewhere where you are having second thoughts about putting your child.

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The child care where my child go I love it, because I know that while she is there she’s safe and happy playing with children her age and learn real educational material not just sitting on a couch watching cartoons. In many important ways, our preschool years determine our future competitive role in the global economy, the public safety of our communities, the cost-effective investment of public and private dollars, and the success of welfare reform. When child care becomes necessary for families; quality child care becomes critical for children.

If done well, child care benefits us all. The economic structure of society has significantly influenced how families care for their children. Because women are usually the primary caregivers, the nature of their work roles has an important effect on childcare. In some societies, mothers as well as fathers can provide childcare, food, clothing, and shelter for their families through work located in or near the family home. In other situations, men are employed away from home and the daily care of children becomes the primary responsibility of women (Carnoy 2000).

Some women work only before marriage, before children are born, or after children are mature enough to care for themselves. However, for a variety of personal and economic reasons, including single parenthood, many mothers with young children today work outside the home and can no longer fill the traditional responsibilities of home and childcare. Because children's early experiences and relationships with caregivers have a significant influence on their future development and achievements, the quality of their care is an important concern for all.

And this is why I choose the topic about childcare, because I feel every child should have a chance at on early education in childcare. And not just sitting at home looking at their parents or watching cartoons all day. And the good thing about it is that you can get a break from your children and they can also get a break from you. And yes they have help for you if you can’t afford to pay the full amount of childcare in certain states. I don’t know about every state but I know you can get help with childcare if you’re in school, working or both.

But childcare is good for both the child and the parent, so this is why I feel you should choose childcare. Reference Textbook Roen, D. , Glau, G. , Maid, B. (2010). The McGraw-Hill guide: Writing for college, writing for life (2nd Ed. ). New York: McGraw-Hill. Why choose childcare http://family. jrank. org/pages/220/Childcare-Why-Childcare-Important. html choosing childcare http://kidshealth. org/parent/positive/family/child_care. html DCF http://www. dcf. state. fl. us/programs/childcare/ ELC www. elcalachua. org/

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