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Why Are Men and Women Different – Psychological Reasons

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It is generally said that “Men are from Mars; Women are from Venus”. Although both of them belong to the human species, they very much differ from each other, physically, as well as, mentally. Since the start of the human civilization, there has been a never-ending debate if men and women do actually differ or not. They may be equal, but, it’s certain that they are not the same. Men and women differ physically in the several obvious ways.

For example, an average man is taller and heavier than an average woman; Men have more bodily hair than women; Men have larger hearts and lungs; Women have breasts to feed the offspring, etc. These physical differences are a result of differential hormonal secretion. The mental differences are a result of the progress in the human life. When humans lived in the forests, at the beginning of the Human life, men and women weren’t much different mentally. Each individual, invariably of whether that was a man or a woman, hunted for feeding himself/herself.

The major difference was that women were getting themselves trained at multitasking, by guarding the young ones, as they hunted. They also scored well in teaching, as they taught the survival skills to their children. The forest life ended as they began to form groups and live under the shelter of the caves. There was a change in the lifestyle, since man decided to keep his woman safe at home i. e. the cave. This also helped women in improving their multitasking skills as they cleaned the place, took care of the children and communicated with the neighbours.

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This also accounts for their excellence in speaking. Men were out to places; As a result, they got acquainted with locales better than women. They observed routes as they needed them for their next hunt. As a result, they were (and are) good in remembering routes. Contrasting multitasking women, men are exceptionally good at concentrating over a single task. This follows from the regular hunting routine which required a lot of concentration and patience to wait until the right time has popped up.

As a result, men were better at focusing on the task at hand and completing the job, before moving on to the next one. This also indirectly reduced the speaking skills of men by making a physical change in their brain. The centre responsible for concentration was not big enough to accommodate the improvements in focusing skills. So, it needed to be expanded. But simply expanding the concentration centre would increase the brain size, thus making it crucial for the (male) baby’s head to come out of the mother’s womb. Hence some adjustments are to be made before it could be enlarged.

The speaking centre was chosen to be decreased, so as, to increase the centre for concentration due to the fact that being noiseless is one of the most important qualities of a good hunter because the slightest sound made would easily hint the prey. This is why men hardly speak one-third times as much as women per day. Men are good at some chores while women are good at some other. It is important to recognize that neither is better. They are simply wildly different. It is important to accept and respect the differences. This will bring up a better understanding in relationships and eventually improve the quality of life.

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