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What is Tourism?

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HOSPITALITY INDUSTY PROFESSOR: TANYA JOYNER DATE: MARCH22. 2013 TEST: CHAPTER 9 NAME: LU QIONGQIONG(JENNY) 1 what can tourism be defined as? Tourism can be defined as the idea of attracting, accommodating, and pleasing groups or individuals traveling for pleasure or business. It is categorized by geography, ownership, function, industry, and travel motive. 2 business travels has increased in recent years due to what? Business travel has increased in recent years as a result of the growth of convention centers in several cities.

As a result, business travelers have given a boost to hotels, restaurants, and auto rental companies. The number of female business travelers is rising as well. 3 who serves as the middle person between a country and its visitors? Travel agencies, tour operators, travel managers, wholesalers, national offices of tourism, and destination management companies serve as middlepersons between a country and its visitors. 4 tourism is a collection of industries and when combined form the world’s largest industry.

Is the above statement TRUE OR FALSE 5 from social and cultural perspective tourism can further international understanding and economically improve poorer countries. Is the statement above TRUE OR FALSE AND EXPLAIN WHY? I think that is right. From a social and cultural perspective, tourism can have both positive and negative impacts on communities. Undoubtedly, tourism has made significant contribution to international understanding.

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What is Tourism?

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World tourism organizations recognize that tourism is a means of enhancing international understanding, peace, prosperity, and fundamental freedom for all without distinction as to race, sex, language, or religion. Tourism can be a very interesting sociocultural phenomenon. Similarly, depending on the reason for the tourist visit, myriad opportunities are available to interact both socially and culturally with local people. provided that the number of tourists is manageable and that they respect the host community’s sociocultural norms and values, tourism provide an opportunity for a number of social interactions.

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