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We Are What We Eat

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I have interviewed 2 of my family members, my mother and father about their identity and their favorite food. My father said," I am a Honoring of course, although I born in China, I have grown up and lived in Hong Kong for 30 years. " He came to Hong Kong from Shanghai, China to study secondary school when he was 13 years old. The poor policy and living environment in China are the main reasons he do not think he is a Chinese, he lived in a dirty village and did not have chance to study when he had lived in Mainland.

Besides, his favorite food is rice because he loves the warm feeling inside belly after eating rice and it is quite cheap. My mother is a born and raised Honoring, however, she said that she thought she is a Chinese as Hong Kong is a part of China. I was quite shocked after hearing her answer. She is a typical Honoring, lived In a small public house with many family members and studied very hard every day when she was young.

China can stabilize and facilitate Hong Kong is the main reason she think that she Is a Chinese. Her favorite food Is noodles since she do not like to chew many times inside the mouth and she like to eat some hot and cooked food when having meals. In fact, after the discussion with my parents, I found that their choice of favorite DOD is different, but there still Include similarity Inside. Both of their choice of food Is Chinese traditional food and they also quite popular In Hong Kong nowadays.

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Thus, I agree with the saying of 'we are what we eat'. From the two Interviews above, It Is obvious to link up their Identity and values and their favor of the food. Their birthplace and growing place affect a lot of this favor of food. As they are In the same generation and similar birthplace, they are both favorite In some Chinese traditional food. Even though they are In different genders and personalities.

We Are What We Eat essay

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