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Why you should eat breakfast Argumentative Essay

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Although this research Is for everyone, It'll help us to be better students as well! Preview Main Points: First I will tell you about the stress relief benefit, then I will tell you about the concentration benefit, last I will tell you about the memory benefit. BODY Transition: Let's bite down on this exciting topic shall we? Main Point 1: As students, we have very busy lives and it can become almost Impossible to Just relax bit. A. In 2009, Dry. Schools and Dry. Smith of the Wrigley Science Institute states that chewing gum can actually relieve stress.

B. Stress can be caused by all kinds of forms. When we're caught lying; when we're bout to take a test; when we're worried or even sad. C. When we are stressed, our bodies become tense. A remedy for that would be to exercise. Well, the remedy to loosen our Jaw tension is to chew gum! Dry. Shall posts In 2002 Journal of Oral Rehabilitation that muscle contraction from chewing Is a form of exercise. Chewing stimulates vague nerve In the brain, which lowers heart rate and increases relaxation. D. In addition, Dry. Chou of peoples. Org published an experiment in April 2013 that gum relieves stress not only by producing blood flow and oxygen to the brain, but also by subconsciously shifting our attention to the act of chewing. Transition: Now that our Jaws are loosened up, let's loosen our ears to listen to the next benefit: concentration! Main Point 2: Concentrating on specific things can be difficult especially when we live in such a busy world! In our generation, we have so many things to distract us from our priorities such as school. A.

An experiment posted in Nutritional Neuroscience, a Journal updated in 2013 shows that the act of chewing gum increases concentration! B. This chart shows the results for 3 types of experiments based on alertness, contentedness, and calmness. Out of a possible 25 correct answers, the test results were higher when the subjects hewed gum before taking the test as opposed to not chewing gum. C. Another test conducted by Dry. Allen et al of Nutritional Neuroscience Journal updated in 2011 and there were fewer long responses in several tests. Transition: Now let's concentrate on advancing our memory!

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Main Point 3: Memorization can be a tedious task but if we study and then chew gum before having to recall all that we've memorized, we'll be able to do it faster! A. Jennifer Welsh of Live Science cites the Journal Appetite in 2011 that the SST. Lawrence University Research Team conducted an experiment on 224 undergraduates and vided them into 3 groups. The first group chewed gum before and during the test. The second group chewed gum 5 minutes before the test. It. Results showed that chewing gum before the test improved a student's performance. Ii. Within 15-20 minutes, the 5 minute gum chewers recalled 25 to 50 percent more information. That's pretty significant! 'v. The researchers believe that the improvement in brain power was due to the chewing warming up the brain, a phenomenon they suggestively call the "mastication-induced arousal" B. Scientific American's author Amy Kraft posted March 2013 about a test conducted n 40 people. Researchers had all 40 people listen to a 30-minute recording of a sequence of numbers. It. 20 people chewed gum while the rest did not. Iii.

The results showed that the gum chewers had higher accuracy rates and faster reaction times. 'v. This is due to more oxygen flow to the brain which is responsible for attention and with more attention means more room for memorization! CONCLUSION Review Topic: I have Just gone over the three wonderful reasons why you should start chewing gum on a regular everyday! Review Main Points: First, we learned the stress-relief benefit, then we learned the incarceration benefit, last we learned the memory benefit. Lasting Thought: We have pretty busy lives!

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