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Vignette – Creative Writing

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Standing there all alone wondering what to do and what I could see. Looking down at all the branches not even being able to see the soft green grass below me.

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Vignette – Creative Writing

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. I started to climb down the near tower of a tree, another plane flew past, so I looked up at the wonderful war bird an f-111 the thoughts were weighing up in my head wow I thought, oh shit as I cracked a branch and fell' is this what it feels like to fly as the sharp and course edges ripped the skin of my legs.

My thoughts were stoped with a hard and rather reliving thud as I hit ground, I then got up and thought stupid mother as ravines amounts of tears were relinquished from my eyes, that's why you don't climb trees said my mum as I slowly crawl up the hill.

The long hair of my mother becomes more visible every step I take but to my surprise my mother's face was not red with puffs of smoke but a sympathetic look was slapped over her face as she says are u ok Michael, I didn't know what to do so I just walked inside with my caring mother behind me holding my shoulder.

As I went to go to my room my mother suddenly told me to go have a bath and my mind was thinking no water, no not on my cuts, no that will cause more rivers of tears to come gushing from my face, no I said no then my mum came over with some green looking liquid I said to my mum what is that, as the soft words of my mother said this will make the cuts get better.

I thought yes a success no more pain for me to endure, so I quite graciously swung out my legs for my caring mother to attend to my wounds like a nurse attending to a patient. What the hell are you doing, cutting off my foot for as I realised my mother was pouring the liquid over my cuts, she said it might sting a bit, oh by god it was stinging it just felt like she had dropped a cinder block on my leg.

Finally the tears stoped and the pain stoped and I looked down at my leg and my mother was still pouring the acidic liquid over my leg and I thought yes the pains gone as I finally stopped balling my eyes out from my skull I asked my mum what was that thinking it was some magical liquid that could make any kid cry.

She then replied to me that is alcohol it makes your leg better, yea right I thought as I jumped into the bath as quick as I could to wash it off before my leg was all burned off

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