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Typography and Clarendon

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Clarendon is a classical font that was designed by Robert Besley. In 1842, Besley entered the design under Britain’s Ornamental Designs Act. It was than released in the year 1845 for the Fann Street Foundry in England. Clarendon was named after the Clarendon Press in Oxford. It is acknowledged as the first major listed English slab-serif typeface, because Besley worked hard at trying to patent the typeface. The font patents around that time merely lasted up to three years, as soon as it became extremely well liked and a lot of foundries copied it.

In 1935, the Monotype foundry revised Clarendon typeface. The first templates and major hits for Clarendon stayed at Stephenson Blake and market and then afterwards founded at the Type Museum in London. In 1953, Hermann Eidenbenz took over and reworked it. Today Clarendon has ten font names that you can use such as: Clarendon Black, Clarendon Bold, Clarendon Extra Bold, Clarendon Bold Condensed, Clarendon Condensed, Clarendon Heavy, Clarendon Light, Clarendon Medium, Clarendon Regular, and Clarendon Roman. They call it a slab-serif because it has some bracketing and some contrast in size.

Clarendon was one of the final century typography to be developed. Clarendon is also a metal type and a popular wood type. It emphasizes text by being the primary design to be related bold. As an example of this it emphasizes, “WANTED” in the old west signs. Clarendon came along ways over the past years now several logotypes that are recognized in the United States of America uses this font. In 1973, the Sony logo was created and is used in Clarendon Bold Expanded. The national parks signs that are known worldwide are Clarendon font.

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Also People Magazine logo, Ruby Tuesday logo, Starbucks logo and so forth use the font Clarendon. Work Cited "Typedia. " : Clarendon. Media Temple, 2006-2012. Web. 24 Oct. 2012. <http://typedia. com/explore/typeface/clarendon/>. "Know Your Type: Clarendon. " Idsgn: A Design Blog. N. p. , 21 Aug. 2009. Web. 24 Oct. 2012. <http://idsgn. org/posts/know-yourtypeclarendon/#comments>. SONY logo Clarendon in use: People magazine logo, US National Parks signage, Ruby Tuesday logo, Starbucks Chocolate logo, Pitchfork logo, Tonka logo, U2 album cover, Riki Watanabe clock, Wells Fargo logo

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