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Trip to Disneyland

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Allyson Clink English 105 Mrs. Goodwin Narrative Essay First Trip to Disneyland I am a single parent to one little girl.

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Trip to Disneyland

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. My little girls name is Bethanny. Her father at this time was in and out of her life as he pleases and she was starting to tell me it hurt her that he was not around very much. That was when I decided to save all my tips from work and take at least $100 dollars out of every check to make this trip possible. I was able to find a great deal online for the time of her birthday which is January 4th.

If you don’t know Disneyland is still set up for Christmas time, and still had the Christmas deals available. So I got us two day park hopper tickets, which means we can go from both parks for two days. Bethanny was so excited the day we left to drive down she stayed awake the whole drive down there. She usually does not do this because it is an eight hour drive. But I guess the excitement and all the candy was enough to keep her awake. When we arrived in Los Angeles at Disneyland we checked in to the hotel and she loved that the hallways had all the Disney characters on the walls.

After the check in at the hotel we decided to check out Disney Main Street. Bethanny was so excited while walking down the street she got to meet Mickey and Minnie they both gave her a huge kiss because it was her first time to Disneyland. So while we were walking Mickey and Minnie showed Bethanny some of the best rides and made her feel very special and it wasn’t even her birthday yet. That was a very long day. The next day was Bethanny’s birthday and she woke everyone up at 6 am. She wanted to hurry and get to breakfast. This was one of the best parts of the trip because she got to eat with all her favorite princesses.

She had such a huge smile when she saw her favorite princess which is tinker bell. After breakfast bethanny got to choose one character to walk around with her for an hour and she got to wear a birthday girl sash that made her feel like a little princess herself. While walking thru the park she loved seeing all the colors and trees that were made to look like Christmas trees. But did not like the long lines for the rides but sat thru them like a champ

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