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Training Evaluation

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Employee training programs in an organization are very important, they provide a focused training to employees who are either one time basis or a recurring basis. Training programs in an organization can either be developed in-house or the organization can opt to attend programs which are more generic such as colleges, universities or attend training centers, (Sims, 2002). Ryan door should come up with a training program which is whole and looks to all the details of the company. The first step that Ryan should take is to ensure that training provides employees with skills and knowledge necessary for succeeding in their jobs.

This should entail provision of training manuals which show all the requirements for the position that the person is about to take and the manuals are up to date with current required knowledge for the position since they keep on changing from time to time. According (Lawson, 2002), new employees should receive a formal training method which is either in-house or from external sources where they an attend seminars because they are more professional and informed. The person leaving the position should not train the new employee because the same mistakes which the person was committing will probably be passed on.

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Employees who had help the position before do not have enough knowledge about the position therefore they should also not be used. Second step is to improvise a well structured plan which starts by reviewing company's objectives and evaluating whether the existing training program covers the objectives and if not, decide on the additional training needed to match company needs and employee needs and close the gap. In this case therefore, it is clear that the employees of Ryan door lack enough skills in their jobs and additional training should be provided to employees in the door-design department.

This can be done by taking them on step by step door production process, encouraging them to work with the architects and clearly be taught on the specifications and proportions which they need to used so that wastage of resources can be minimized and losses avoided. Ryan should also come up with a simpler way of preparing customers orders, this can be done by ensuring that the orders are clear and the employees knows the different customers available as well what should be filled in the form.

New employees on the job should be provided with good training from a formal source which either in built or external. According to (Sims, 2002), the training should not only be based on the position which the person is taking in the organization but rather, they should be diverged to a variety of topics which are associated to the entire work environment. These diverse topics should address cases such as communication. This is where the employees are trained on how well they can communicate either with their co-workers, immediate supervisors or the upper management about issues affecting them.

Ryan door should therefore provide efficient and effective communication systems so that instead of employees doing their work contrary to what the president wants, they can communicate their problems and therefore ease the arguments which occur between the president, supervisors and employees. Another topic to be trained on is on quality initiatives and customer service initiative. Ryan employees should be trained on how to come up with quality products for the customers so that they can get quality service for their money.

Other topics should include safety, sexual harassment and computer skills among others, (Noe, 1998). Third is to ensure that employees should be trained differently depending on the position and the work which he/she is going to do. Ryan should come up with a training procedure which focuses on independent persons and requirements for their posts. For example, persons working with the machines should be given training which is practical and shows them how to run the machines, for secretaries, they should be shown how to attend to the president and the visitors and does not necessarily need to be practical.

This therefore shows that the employees need to be trained differently because the job requirements are different. After all this is provided in the training, Ryan should develop a training rollout plan for the organization. This is meant to ensure that the training program is effective and efficient and can be used in future training of employees. The rollout plan should include project planning, project commencement, implementation and its control. It is clear from the training program in Ryan that the training does not meet the needs for the position that is given to them.

Ryan therefore should evaluate their training program to check whether it has been effective, this can be done by giving the trainees some chores related to the training which they have undertaken and check whether they are able to carry them out. If yes, the training program will be good and should be adopted otherwise any problem should be looked into and the style changed to ensure good results. The trainees should then be provided with a certificate of participation which is meant to recognize their efforts they have applied during training.

In conclusion, Ryan needs to evaluate their training program timely and severally and the employees should also be evaluated by comparing the newly acquired skills with the skills defined in the objectives. Any discrepancies noted should be adjusted so that the program can meet the organization's goals. The president of Ryan should know that any training program fails to accomplish expectations due to failure of evaluating the process. Timely evaluation prevents training from straying from the organizations objectives and goals.

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