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Three Musketeers

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Sunday night as I was staggering down the street with blood dripping from the gashes on my head " Oh yeah by the way it was Halloween and I was dressed up as a zombie, anyway we were Like the 3 musketeers me as a zombie, Each as a mummy, and Cattail as a witch all strolling down the streets with pockets full of sweets and I mean full as we turned the corner to go down Casey avenue there It was the lonely house at the end of the street with the creaky gate here no one went, but you know Each wanting to get sweets from every house so we went, the gate creaked as it opened the dead rose trees in the front garden and the odd rat scattering across the path sent a shiver up my spine as we approached the door bats flew around our heads the thick old wooden door creaked open I knew this wasn't a good idea an old strange man staggered towards the door we could slightly see his face in the moonlight he had a pointy nose thick grey curly hair red eyes, a pale mouth and a face as white as snow

May 3, 1999 was a day l, and many other Oklahoman, will never forget. It was Friday afternoon and I had just got off a conference call around 4:30. I was tired after a long week so I flipped on the TV to take my mind off of work. Well, there were live news reports warning there was a tornado around 70-80 miles south-southwest of Oklahoma City. I had no idea this tornado was going to stay on the ground for hours and create the strongest winds ever recorded - Ever. It started out small, like an Fl, UT as it got closer to Oklahoma City the thing - this monster off storm - got bigger and bigger and bigger! I'll never forget watching this whole thing live as it happened from the eyes of the local TV helicopters.

The most chilling moments that really haunt me were to see destroyed neighborhoods moments after the tornado tore through them In the Bridge Creek/Moore suburbs that were hit the hardest. People were coming out of an elementary school, where they had taken shelter, and they were just walking around in a daze among the total destruction of what use to be heir homes. Most homes were gone and destroyed beyond recognition. I knew if the helicopters stayed on the scene long enough we would see people who had died. It was really uncomfortable to see this horror unfold as it happened while sitting in the comforts of my family room. Oh, the smell of natural gas! I can still remember how strong it was.

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It hung in the air for the longest time after the monster destroyed most everything in its path. We were 15 miles away, too. In all, there were over 60 rondos that day that ripped through Oklahoma and Kansas.

Three Musketeers essay

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