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The Role of Culture in International Management

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'One of the most important rules to remember when working within a multi-national organization is that there is not necessarily one right way of doing things,'says Professor Geert Hofstede With developing globalization of business across the world, the ability of employees to work effectively and efficiently has become increasingly important to the entities success. Cross-cultural understanding by individuals and the organization as a whole serves to eliminate misunderstandings that could harm the business and maximize the best attribute each individual has to offer.

Effective international managers are those with the wisdom to seek competitive edge through intercultural training, gaining a complete understanding of their global markets so they can plan and execute accordingly. in addition the new, globalized, borderless economy is facing international managers. The premise has changed from unlimited growth to uncertainty and caution, but importantly, the premise of opportunity in global business remains unchanged.

The uncertain economy and increasing geopolitical complexity simply levels the playing field for managers around the world. How managers respond, how they manage and turn the increasing threats into opportunities, becomes vital to success in today's environment. Now, more than ever, all students must recognize that they will have the qualifier "international" in front of whatever their chosen career field.

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The whole world is now connected electronically and psychologically; it is hard to imagine any business or nonbusiness organization that is not directly affected by globalization. The challenge in the uncertain global economy is to learn and effectively practice international management. Those with the knowledge and skills to apply on international management will be taking a big step toward gaining a competitive advantage in today's uncertain, unprecedented environment.

The Role of Culture in International Management essay

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