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The Lesson: Issues on Financial Stability of Families

In this research proposal I will address issues on financial stability of families, economy and education.“The Lessona€? reflects the attitudes and education of children in the lower working class.A point was made in the story that brought up old emotions.

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On page 474 a student states, ” Imagine for a minute what kind of society it is in which some people can spend on a toy what it would cost to feed a family of six or sevena€?. ” That’s not much of a democracy if you ask me.

Equal chance to pursue happiness means an equal opportunity at the dougha€?. Our society would much rather spend money on building prisons and shopping malls than on better school and homes. No child should have to go with less than livable housing, or be deprived from a decent education. I was told all of my life that the standards in the wealthier schools (where mostly whites went) were better than the schools in the lower parts of the city (where most blacks went). The sad fact was that it is true.

I attended both schools. It made me think, why is the high achievers/summit classes at the poorer school if the other school gets the most money. The only thing that is funded in the poorer schools was the athletic department. We all deserve the same opportunities as our peers no matter what the financial situation may be. I also came to learn in the (black schools) the work was easier and the athletes were given grades. Mostly drug dealers, and dropouts hung around the school.

At the predominantly white school they had police and security, but the black school had teachers and coaches as hall monitors. In an overview of educational statistics black and Hispanic children were at the bottom. If we are receiving the same education then why is there such a difference in knowledge? Politicians constantly speak about equality, but they not making a difference? We all deserve the same chance at life rather than being mock and talked about as children as never going to be anything, and we will be in jail by the time we are 16 at least twice.

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