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The interlopers

It has been three years since we started our label in december of 2009.After eleven releases we are now reaching our anniversairy release.Hence number ten comes in a nice IOinch format.

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And again a new artist is on board! Essay is his name and he’s from Heidelberg. Additionally the two exceptional artists Nocow and Desolate are contributing two fantastic remixes as a thank you for an awesome collaboration with Fauxpas Musik. Vocals are coming from stunning norwegian singer Ida Dillan.

Vinyl tastes better… maybe some people remember one of my first uploads “crying at day” ; “crying at night” on soundcloud last year, finally they will be released on august 6th together with “old times” via Glyph Recordings. the 2 tracks has been edited a bit and mastered 🙂 you can pre-order the ep here: This story is set on the eastern edge of the Carpathian Mountains in Romania family feud over a strip of forest has reached fevered pitch between Ulrich Von Gradwitz and Georg Znaeym.

Ulrich’s family had won the lawsuit many years ago that had settled the dispute, and Georg’s family had lost. The dispossessed family has never accepted the ruling of the courts and continues to poach on the land. The victorious landowners have continued to punish the interlopers. To be too proud or having too much pride can lead stubbornness, which can destroy friendships and families. The characters in “The Interlopers,” Ulrich von Gradwitz and Georg Znaeym, have been enemies since birth.

Their grandfathers feuded over a piece of forestland. While the courts ruled in the Gradwitz family’s favor, the Znaeym family has never accepted this ruling. Throughout the course of Ulrich and Georg’s lifetime, the feud has grown into a personal, bloodthirsty one. As boys, they despised each other, and by the evening that the story takes place, the two grown men are determined to bring a final end to the feud by killing their enemy. Ulrich von Gradwitz is a wealthy landowner.

He has legal right to a disputed stretch of land but knows that Georg continues to hunt on this land. On the night the story takes place, he has organized a group of men to find Georg, whom he plans to kill. He considers Georg his enemy and calls him a “forest-thief, game-snatcher. ” After the men get trapped under the tree, Ulrich offers Georg some of his wine and is the first one to put forth the idea of making amends. Ulrich is also the one who sees wolves approaching. Throughout this journey looking The interlopers By annecik

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