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The Educational Requirements and Responsibilities of a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner in the United States

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Did you know that nursing is the fastest—growing occupation in the US, pediatric Nurse Practitioners being one of them? A pediatric nurse practitioner, PNP, is a registered nurse who specializes in working with children. They work with ages from a newborn to 17. Advanced PNPs can care for children who have acute, chronic, and critical illnesses, conduct advanced physical assessments, and interpret lab and diagnostic test results. PNPs work at hospitals, physician’s offices, and/or your own practice. To be a PNP, you will have to get your bachelor of science in nursing, pass your national licensure examination, become a registered nurse, get your master of science in nursing, and get your board certification through the Pediatric Nursing Certification.

You also must have at least 500 training clinical hours, 3 different courses in advanced pharmacology, advanced pathophysiology, and advanced physical/health assessment to apply for the certification exam. You will need a degree from a school that has been approved by the CCNE or the NLNAC (National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission). Pediatric nurse practitioners can also choose to work in a subspecialty, ranging from cardiology to infectious disease “What you learn in nursing school is totally different than what you learn in real life,” said Jerrold Luber, a RN resident in Los Angeles. They have many responsibilities throughout the day This includes diagnosing illnesses, prescribing medication and therapy, ordering patient lab tests, conducting routine check-ups, and counseling patients and family members, PNPs need to be enthusiastic, independent, structured, patient, etc.

The average yearly salary range in the United States is from $63K to $85K. 336 PNPs make $95,001 to $100,000 a year. In Joplin Missouri, pediatric nurse practitioners make about an average of $77,892 a year. When I graduate college, I want to be a pediatric nurse practitioner. I think it would be a great career for me because I am kind of patient, I am definitely enthusiastic, and I love kids I also love to take care of others. Alexandra Gash, also a RN resident in Los Angeles says, “I’ve had days where I definitely go home crying, but I think you realize the difference that you make every single day and you come back the next day ready with a smile on your face.” That is a career I want to peruse.

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