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The Day Of University Football Game

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Heritage Hall is filled with retired jerseys, trophies and game balls. Over the past 125 years, Cuss's football team has fielded more Hessian trophy winners than any other school with seven. 37 of its players has been elected and enshrined in the College Football Hall Of Fame. In this hallow hall also stands Cuss's 11 National championship trophies; with its last trophy in 2004. The dim lights enshrined memorabilia and revered site all adds to the game day experience. From Heritage Hall, the next stop is the Grand Old Lady or commonly referred to as 'The Coliseum". Outside the Coliseum is the diehard, devoted fan base.

At 7 am the parking lot is filled with diehard fans that come early to tailgate prior to the game. As you make your way to the entrance of the Coliseum the spices and smell of perfectly seasoned food attacks your senses. You can't help but notice the camaraderie and friendships formed while the alcohol flows. It is in the parking lot you see the dedication and years of loyalty displayed by its fans. In the front row nearest to the stadium stands the most dedicated fan. An older man, scruffy looking stands next to his Winnebago. He is dressed in the traditional garbs for the day.

His Winnebago is covered from front to back in Cardinal and Gold; from his speakers blares the schools song 'Aught On'. Walking by he gives you the greeting of the day 'Fight on' and talks about the upcoming slaughter that is to commence shortly. Following the steady flow of fans you start to take in the beauty and craftsmanship in the construction of the stadium. The architect spared no expense in the details of this finely designed piece of modern history. At the entrance of this modern Art Deco inspired stadium stands two bronze statues o commemorate "Olympic Gateway".

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Looking around, the stadium features long horizontal lines that flow as smooth as the Mississippi River. The curves and portholes reminiscent of woman's body pay tribute to the old Greek and Roman style. The closer you get to the stadium you begin to hear the roar of the crowd. The stadium trembles as 93,000 Cardinal and Gold clad fans chant and cheer for their favorite football team. Down on the sideline is Tommy Trojan and his majestic white steed Traveler. Next to them is the beautiful USC 'Song Girls' as they await the team's entrance into the stadium.

In the North Tunnel you can see the team walking toward the field. Hand and Hand the players march as one team. U-S-C, U-S-C chants are deafening as they run out onto the field escorted by Tommy Trojan and the Song Girls. Seeing the players trotting onto the field the fans are riled up into a frenzied state. At that moment the Spirit of Troy Marching Band strikes up to the tune of Seven Nation Army. The crowd responds by singing along. You can see the fear in the opponent's eyes as they await their fate. After all the prename festivities, kickoff has finally arrived.

Tommy Trojan and Traveler make their way to mid field. His armor is clean, on the brightest day you can see your reflection. With precision and accuracy he swings his blade. His movements are flawless his blade slices thru the air like a hot knife thru butter and with authority he buries his sword deep into the field. It's game time! As the game goes on the crowd is fully engaged. With every tackle, catch; you hear the crowds JOSH and SHAHS. When USC scores a touchdown the crowd becomes chaotic, like animals that has tasted blood and is awaiting the final kill.

High fives and hugs are seen around the stadium. It is a good day, from the opening kickoff to the final sound Of the game a USC Game produces on every level. From the history viewed thru the glass at Heritage Hall to the prename festivities at the Coliseum USC Football games are one for the history books. The dedication of an overwhelming fan base; plus the high expectations makes for an outstanding game day atmosphere. The fans, traditions and championships makes the University of Southern California Football game the ultimate game day experience.

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