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The Concept of Gamification of Education and How Educational Based Games Aid in Studying

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Cohen, Aaron M. "The Gamification of Education" - this scholarly journal will aid me in my argument by proving that with the fast paced technology world we live in, the educational system cannot continue on with the same teaching techniques. An example is given in the journal proving that online gaming will eventually replace textbooks. The aspect of game design is very recently, as indicated by the article, a learning tool for younger students to express their creativity on a larger scale.

Overall, the idea of incorporating video games into learning with any subject is called, "Gamified Learning" of the subject of "Gamification of Education”. The article will also help in describing that younger students, who are thought to perceive violent, often adult themes of video games will absorb the positive themes in the video games aimed at learning.

Zoroja, Jovana. "Simulation Games and their use in Education at Economics Institutions in the Republic of Croatia." - this article will aid me in my presentation by providing me with information relating to how educational based video games will aid students in their studying habits. This means that educators believe that having their students play study-concentrated video games their study habits will improve by a larger margin than by traditional study methods.

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This also means that simulation video games, which are videos that portray a given atmosphere such as life, will most likely be used for this study. As indicated by the article simulation games help students acquire certain skills they need in their daily life as such when incorporated with educational subjects the students will know the information better. What I have concluded upon reading this article that when education is combined with simulation video games it proves to increase the knowledge of students effectively and positively.

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