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The Circles of English

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The Circles of English English has become one of the most important languages around the world through speaking, different accents and words. The power of this language has been determined by the important of United States as economic leader and the expansion of British colonial power explained Cristal (59). According to White, the language has different categories and barriers that make English different in the world. This author based his research on the classification of English through three different circles created by Braj Kachru.

Through this essay, it will explain the different part of the Circles of English. The circles mean the barrier between English native and non-native English countries. According to Braj Kachru, the inner circle indicates where English is the primary language; United States, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zeland, and there are 328-380 million of people who speak the language; the outer or extended circle involves countries English is not native, but it has an importance as a second language; such as, India, Singapore and Jamaica.

At the end, the expanding or extending circle is non-native English, without being colonized by British Empire, but it considers as a foreign language; for example, Japan, Brazil, Italy and Russia. Therefore, the barriers in these three circles are the amount of people who speak the English language and the importance of English around the world In conclusion, it can be said that these three circles explain the main differences about the spread of English. According to Cristal “the differences of historical and social issues raised by the notion of world English are presented in these circles” (107).

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This means how English can affect the history of different countries. Worked Cited • Cristal, David. The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language. 2nd ed. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2003. • Cristal, David. English as a Global Language. 2nd. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1997. Print. • White, Ron. "Going round in circles: English as an International Language, and cross-cultural capability. " Cross-Cultural Capability Conference '97. Leeds Metropolitan University. 15-16 December 1997.

The Circles of English essay

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What is the inner circle of World English?

The inner circle is one of the three concentric circles of World English identified by linguist Braj Kachru in "Standards, Codification and Sociolinguistic Realism: The English Language in the Outer Circle" (1985). Kachru describes the inner circle as “the traditional bases of English, dominated by the ' mother tongue ' varieties of the language.”

What are the different circles of the English language?

The different circles are: The Inner Circle is made up the traditional bases of English and its speakers are the ones in charge of providing the norms. These places are where the norms are created and from which they spread to the other circles.

What is the three circle model of World Englishes?

His “ Three circle model of World Englishes”, states that there are three circles inside which, the different speakers are classified. The different circles are: The Inner Circle is made up the traditional bases of English and its speakers are the ones in charge of providing the norms.

What are Braj Kachru's three circles of English?

Braj Kachru's Three Circles of English. The most influential model of the spread of English is Braj Kachru 's model of World Englishes. In this model the diffusion of English is captured in terms of three Concentric Circles of the language: The Inner Circle, the Outer Circle, and the Expanding Circle.

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