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The Best Age to Get Married

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Nowadays, a lot of people have got married early when they have just about 18 to 20 years old, but I think that the best age to get married is about 25 years old.First, at this age, most of people have a good job and stable life.They hardly need to many support from their parents, if you get married early, you will take many difficult problems about financial.

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Second, at this time, your body developed completely.

You are able to give birth babies strongly, and they will grow up normally as other children when they are taken care of full. Then, you also have knowledge of many things to understand carefully. Example, my elder sister got married when she was 25 years old. Now she has a happy family because she has a good work anf do not need many support from her parents before she got married. In my opinion we should not get married early

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