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Stomp the Yard Review

Last night I watched one of the most unforgetable drama and dance movie; Stomp the Yard. The movie was about a young man called DJ Williams who is in a dance crew called the “Goon Squad” with his brother Duron and other friends. They were battling for a big deal of money and beat the home crew.

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The home crew responds by attacking the Goon Squad after the battle. Duron saves his older brother from getting beat up but ends up getting killed by a gun shot.

DJ Williams gets arrested and ends up living with his aunt Jackie and Uncle Nate in Atlanta, Georgia. He is sent to attend Truth University where he meets April Palmer, a student, who eventually becomes his lover. Several fights occur throught out the movie between April’s boyfriend and DJ. Eventually April goes with DJ and leaves Grant, her boyfriend which angers her father, the head of the university. During his stay at Truth University DJ gets introduced to a new dance called Steppin’.

DJ then teaches his new crew some of his old krumping moves back from Los Angeles. They combined the two dance coreographies which made them win their final round in the National Steppin’ Competition. I really enjoyed this movie and the dance moves were extremely extraordinary and exotic. The cast was also something I enjoyed about the movie. There were famous stars acting in the movie such as Ne-Yo, Columbus Short, Megan Good, Brian White and Chris Brown. I strongly recommend anyone to watch this movie. You will not regret watching it!

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