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Sibling Conflict

Conflict happens all the time, even in our family.Perhaps it is no big deal and has little effect on us.As everyone disagrees with each other from time to time the occasional conflict is part of living with brothers and sisters.

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I am curious about such friction. It has happened regularly during my childhood. I think that conflict between siblings happens in other families. The cause for conflict varies. In my opinion, one such cause is age difference. Once, when I was in secondary school, my younger sister and I shared a bedroom. She’s 7 years younger than me.

Her toys were scattered everywhere aroudnt the room. I always had to tidy up every night before she went to bed. I had to read her a story. I did not like doing it. But, if I had not done so, she would have cried and bothered me. Plus, we could not bear one another. We used to quarrel about petty things. Conflict happens when one person is not satisfied with the other, but it has significant effect to sisterhood and family sentiment. After quarreling, we did not talk so much. We were very angry and hated each other by that time. Now things are better.

We understand that it is silly to quarrel over little things. The relationship between my younger sister and I is now strong. Instead of quarreling my maturity helps me to work things out. So, when conflict happens: learn to control your anger; determine what it is you are really disagreeing about; call a family conference. If you are in the right, your parents will support you. Conflict is a part of living and sibling conflicts do happen in a family. It will be less confrontational if you can control your feelings and know how to behave with your sibling.

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