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It is my job to work with the investigating detectives and the police department to build a sold case against Tim Masters. The burden Of proof rest souls on my shoulders, I must prove without a reasonable doubt that Tim Masters killed Peggy Whittier. My job is the hardest job of all the court actors. I have several rules of conduct I must follow to ensure that my case in lawful and does not violate any person rights. In the case of Tim Masters, used evidence found in his home to win he case against him.

As the prosecuting attorney, I first had to look at the evidence presented by me from the police department and determine if this was enough evidence to try' Tim Masters for murder. Make the ultimate decision rather or not to take Tim Masters to court, give him a plea bargain, or send him somewhere for treatment, decided to take him to court. Defense Counsel As the defense attorney, represented Tim Masters, and defended him. It is my job to defend my client and make sure they don't get punished for a crime they did not commit.

Due to the Sixth and Fourteen amendments, every defendant regardless of their ability to pay will have the right to a defense lawyer in most court cases. My client Tim Masters was accused of murdering Peggy Hatcheck, in a field close to his house, have to prove this was not true. All the evidence they has against my client was circumstantial, the prosecution used inadmissible evidence in court to convict Tim Masters. The great news is years later after two denied appeals, my client Tim Masters was exonerated of all charged and set free.

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