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Report On Concept Software Solutions

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This report is based on the Concept Software Solutions, which is a custom software engineering house that provides customized solutions to small and large organizations. The company is having a software team, which is presently working on the project of ‘e-Learning Portal’ for a chief national university and during this period, numerous issue aroused in the organization. This paper explores the ethical and unethical behavior performed by the members of software team especially Angela, David and board of directors. This report begins with the introduction to company.

Moving further, this paper explains the purpose of report along with the scope and limitation of the ethical analysis. Before beginning with the in-depth analysis of the ethical issues it is necessary to understand the meaning of certain terms, which are explained under the heading definitions. To develop more clarity into the concepts this report provides description of Questionable Acts and Justification Based on the ethical theories under the heading Ethical Analysis. Last but not the least, this report presents Stakeholder Identification and Bommer et. al’s Analysis.

As stakeholder’s identification assist in determining success factor for the organization and also helps in analyzing business crisis. At the end report provides conclusion stating the potential solution, risk in implementing the decision and potential solution. 1. Introduction Before beginning with the ethical analysis, it is necessary have an overview about the company. CSS stands for Concept Software Solutions, which particularizes in products and services, especially for the e- Learning sector.

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In 1990, Concept Software Solutions was found as a custom software engineering firm which is meant to provide tailor made solutions for all the small and large organizations. In this concern, the company has formulated numerous significant applications and systems, which can be altered to go well with numerous organizations. The e- Learning Delivery Systems and related services for the corporate, teaching and higher education markets have a growth rate of about 50-60 per cent in the company.

CSS formulates strategic alliances with its customers and content partners. This enables the Concept Software Solutions to lay down a developing market presence in Europe and Asia. Concept Software Solutions is developing quickly and in Melbourne (head office) it is having a staff of about 25 people. Apart from this, the company is having sales office in Hong Kong; an innovative office in Europe (UK), a team involved in development purpose is situated in Amsterdam and has recently established a worldwide support centre in Brisbane.

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