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Reflex actions

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In a group, according to Konen and Elliot (1999) in order for the leaders to gain respect they should treat the individual as well as the situation equally. This will not only unite the group but also it can create an effective leadership. When someone is in danger quick reaction as well as immediate action, are necessary.

In situations like that, lives can be saved by instinctive human responses and reflex actions. However, with most behavior, a well thought responses is much better than a quick reaction and leaders who are well known for balanced and well thought responses usually gain more respect and authority in becoming the leader of the group (Konen and Elliot, 1999).

In these two groups, they share the same views in how individuals decide to be in a group and these are for the following reasons: 1) individuals reduce the insecurity of standing alone; 2) individuals feel stronger when they belong in a group; 3) they have fewer self-doubt; 3) they feel more resistant to threat when in a group; 4) they join groups for status being included in a group is important to provide recognition and status to its members;

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5) individuals prefer to be in a group for power since what cannot achieved individually often becomes possible with the help of group action; and 6) individuals join a group to achieved the goal and since a particular task are easily accomplished when done with a group (Beckman, Bitsoff, Heineman and Scott, 2003). Each member in a group behaves differently. It is not always the case that each member’s behavior is acceptable. Some behavior may be unsafe of may cause disruption to the group and needs to be addressed.

Immediate, consistent and fair responses are necessary for this and it may be addressed in front of a group or sometimes it may require a private setting. In dealing or confronting negative behavior, it can be done by using simple word correction. It is possible to talk to the person who is in need of correction, privately. Correction should be done privately, when an offense committed by a member is more serious or when the situation may cause the person to be the object of teasing, in order to avoid embarrassment or belittling of the individual in front of the group. However, sometimes, correcting minor offenses committed by members of the group sets a clear direction for the entire group (Konen and Elliot, 1999).

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