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Sufficiently demonstrated this through my actions

I would like to state that I am executing this letter to manifest to the creditors and financial institutions concerned that I am an individual of good credit standing and that I am qualified and eligible for the Housing Loan that I am applying for.

I am well aware of the fact that recent events may lead some to believe that there may be some concerns with regard to my credit worthiness.  I would like to personally assure the concerned parties that there is no need for such.

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  In order to assuage the fears of my creditors, I feel that it is best to provide a clear explanation of the events that have recently transpired.

The events in question all began in 2003 when I filed for bankruptcy.  This was because I was going through a difficult time in my life as I was supporting my ex-husband and had a number of marital issues to deal with.  I had applied for three (3) credit cards that same time and was given approval for all of them.  Unfortunately, I was not able to settle my outstanding balance because I was forced to relocate from Colorado to Georgia due to grave threats that my ex-husband had issued.

I understand these events do not excuse nor exempt me from any financial liability or obligation that I have with the financial institutions concerned.  In my defense, I would like to make mention of the fact that despite these events and circumstances I have gotten in contact with all my previous creditors and have apprised them of my previous situation.  After my discussion with these companies, I was able to resolve the problems.  Soon after that I was also able to secure a stable job and have really improved my financial standing.

I am a person of principle and one of those principles is in settling my debts to others.  I do not only proudly say this but also feel that I have sufficiently demonstrated this through my actions.  I am confident of my financial position at this time and feel that my credit worthiness is not a matter that myself or anyone else for that matter should be concerned about.