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QNT Final

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What will be the probability that z is greater than 1. 75? 0. 0401 z end up in the higher than 1. 75.

  1. A null hypothesis will make a claim about what? A Population parameter Explanation: A null hypothesis is the general default position in a survey and requires a claim off population parameter.
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  3. Describe the level of significance? Probability of Type I error Explanation: A type 1 error happens when the null hypothesis is true but rejected at the same time.
  4. Let's perform a statistical test of the difference between two proportions at the 0. 05 level of significance.
  5. If the computed z is -1. 07, what will be the correct decision? Do not reject the null hypothesis. Explanation: The z is of -1. 07 is acceptable within the range of a. 05 level of significance.
  6. What condition must be met to perform a test for the difference of two sample means? Data must be at least of interval scale and populations must be normal.
  7. Consider a hypothesis test that compares two population means. The combined degrees of freedom equal to 24. What statement about the sample sizes is NOT true? Let's assume the population standard deviations are equal. Sample A = 11. Sample B = 13. Explanation: This must NOT be true because it is outside the limits set by the degree of freedom.
  8. What type of chart do we call it when paired data is plotted? Scatter diagram Explanation: Paired data must be plotted in a way that shows the relationship.
  9. When a variable is used to predict the value of another variable, it is called: Independent variable Explanation: The independent variable is useful for determining the values of variables that are not explicitly known.
  10. 20 randomly selected online students were given 1 5 multiple-choice problems ND 15 open-ended problems that cover the same topics. The teacher wanted to know which questions the students scored better on. What kind of test is this? A paired t-test Explanation: The paired t-test evaluates the mean values that result from a set of data.
  11. The weights of 100 units of a product created by two identical processes have the same mean, but the standard of process A is 15 while that of B is 7. What is true about this scenario? Unit weights in process B will be grouped closer than in-process A. Explanation: A wider standard of the process is going to create a greater deviation in the end products.

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