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Positive aspects of tourism

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The rise in tourism has occured for many reasons.My first example is; over the past few years an incresseing amount of people in More Economically Developed Countries (MEDC'S) have much more time and money to spend. Because of this, more people in MEDC'S can spend more time and money going on holiday. My second example is that transport has been made much more comfortable, cheaper and quicker to use which has made more people pursaded to travel, because lots of places in the world can now be reached easily. My third point is that Tourists might want ot learn about new cutures and other, different life styles which might incresse the amount of toursim. My fourth and final point is that most holidays come in "package holidays" or "family packs" which are usally much cheaper, which will pursaded more people to go on holiday.

There are many positive aspects of tourism.For instance, some Less Economically Developed Countries (LEDC'S) see tourism as a way to make there country more devloped so that they can become a more economically developed country, this connectes to the fact that tourism can help LEDC'S build there education system e.g. money to build schools, money for teachers, schools, collage or university. Tourism can help LEDC'S medically e.g. hospitals, money for medcine and treatment, hospital equipment, doctors and nurses and the money to build hospitals. My second point is that tourism in LEDC'S can help more people get jobs aand get more money in the country. Another good aspect of tourism would be that; local teenagers can become independant of there families by getting jobs, and providing money for themselves.

Unfortunatley, there are many negative appects of tourism as well, which include; tourists may not respect local customs trodictions, which might offened the local people and other people living in that country. Also the rules in a diffrent country or place might be diffrent to what the tourists is ued to so they might end up offemding or even brakin the law! Even though the country gets money not all of it is atually spent on the country, most of it is atually spent in hotels, which is usally owened by foreign countries. Another bad aspect is that the World Trade Reasurchers Organization (WTRO) have shown that the curren pattern of world trade is not making a diffrence. It showed that LEDC'S are not gettig any richer some have even shown that LEDC'S are getting porrer becuse of the money spent of facilites e.g tourist attractions (buildings-e.x hotels) . Another bad point is that tourusm can lead to crime rate incresses by up to a whooping 49.83% this is almost half! the crime rate is a big issue and is some times uncontrollable.

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Tourism is managed in diffrent ways. Here are some examples: in Bostwana they have sustanable tourism, this provides jobs and opportunities for the people there without destroying there lifestyles or the enviroment for the future people and animals of Bostwana. They do this by letting tourist experice troditional activities e.g weaving cloth. This is sustanable and it gets more money in the country that can be put to good use e.g farming-for crops/food and there education-money can be put to schooling so more people can go to school. Another example of sustanible tourism is in Tanzania (east Africa) they have sustaible tourism as well e.g they have a national safrai park (Serengeti national park). this is sustanable because they do not harm the amimals as they are kept in wide vast open space to roam about freely, the vewier and tourists always see them from a distance, never to close to startle them. this means they are not harming the amimals in any way, so it is sustaible.

In conclusion, I think tourism can be good only if it is sustanible, for example- what they are doing in Bostwana but not if it is unsustanble for example-what they are doing in a place in spain which is ruining ther beach in the end int wont be worth it.but over all i think tourism is good only if sustanible.

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