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Pizza Is My Favorite Food

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My favorite food is sausage pizza. Pizza is an oven baked, flat bread typically topped with tomato sauce, cheese and various toppings. Pizza smells like fresh bread and dough when it is freshly made. When I smell a saucey, Italian, made cheesy pizza. My mouth starts to water I can hardly wait to get my hands under a soft, warm slice. The more you smell the scent the more you crave it. When I first take a bite of warm pizza my taste buds, are desperate to taste the pizza. The taste of the pizza was chewy and, crispy with the taste of marinara sauce and, cheese. The taste of the dough was very soft and gooey.

The quality of the pizza can also affect the taste. Because if you do not make the pizza correct it will affect how it taste. Pizza can also become spicy if you add jalapeños, and spicy green chili, or chilli powder. The sound of pizza was crunchy when I first ate the crust. The sound of me chewing my pizza was described as bubbling. The sound that I heard when biting into that delightful mouth watering seasoned crust. It felt like paradise when I began biting into it. The sound of the pizza was sizzling when it was hot. It also felt hot smooth and, soft when it was fresh out of the oven. The pizza also felt jagged ,and greasy when I add toppings to it.

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The Pizza had a triangular shape and has a yellow orange look. The cheese and toppings is what made the pizza look yummy. Also other materials such as olives, jalapeños, and sausages. When the pizza came out of the oven the crust looked thicker, and tastier than before. I always requested this dish because it has various toppings to choose from. It is also shareable and useful for parties. Pizza also is a thing that brings a lot of people together. I remember on my 5th Birthday when I first tried pizza. It was a very likeable food source that was appreciated. From that day on pizza has been my favorite thing to eat. I am always been hungry for pizza it could be anytime of the day.

Many people choose pizza as a favorite food because. It is very quick to cook or, pick up when you are really hungry and, craving for something to eat. It also has many different variety of choices. Also because it can taste good whether it’s hot or cold. It is a cheap food that is affordable. It is the only food that you can count on to be available for delivery. 

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