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Personality Paper Temperament Description Who would have thought that such a little booklet could contain such personal and accurate information about each individual’s personality simply by filling in bubbles to answer simple multiple-choice questions? Upon first glance, I thought that “The Keirsey Temperament Sorter” would never be able to correctly depict my personality. However, I still managed to fill out the questionnaire in a careful and truthful manner despite my convictions. After taking the personality questionnaire, my results showed my personality type falling under the category “Idealist” as an ESFP.

To my surprise, I found this to be quite similar to how I would describe my own personality type. By further research, I determined that ESFP actually stands for extraversion, sensing, feeling and perceiving. The description described an ESFP as a friendly person who helps others enjoy life. Also, it stated that they tend to make warm and enthusiastic friends and are more likely to pay attention to details and value a realistic approach to solving problems. Taking into my major in nursing at MSU, I decided to research if this would fit my ESFP personality type.

After reading the ESFP description more thoroughly it gave several career suggestions such as nursing, child care, restaurant work, sales and counseling. Also, it mentioned that ESFP’s look for a job that is fun and prefer to work with others in groups. By expanding deeper into this subject, I found that ESFP individuals live in the world of people and possibilities. They love being around people and experiencing new things. They live in the present, and relish excitement and drama in their lives. I found this extremely interesting PERSONALITY PAPER because I am always excited to go into new settings and meet new people.

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When I am with my friends I am always the first one to jump at the thought of meeting new people or exploring new places. Another characteristic associated with ESFP individuals is that they have very strong inter-personal skills, and may find themselves in the role of the peacemaker frequently. Coincidently, I found myself taking on the peacemaker roll many times throughout this year. Whether it is solving roommate disputes, family problems, or co-worker relationship issues, I am usually placed in the middle and forced to help individuals find common ground. Lastly, another haracteristic associated with ESFP’s is when under a great deal of stress, they many times are overwhelmed with negative thoughts and possibilities. Just recently I found that whenever anyone is angry with me, I solely think about the endless possibilities as to why they are angry. For instance, when my roommate was angry with me, I had an extremely difficult time focusing on anything else but the issue at hand. Consequently, I did horrible on the exam and the roommate dilemma was still not solved. Communication According to ESFP personalities, they do not like confrontation so they avoid talking about their feelings with others.

This makes it difficult to communicate effectively with those around you and build trustful relationships. Therefore, one thing I need to work on is simply communicating and letting others around me know how and what I am feeling presently rather than holding my feelings inside. I found that doing so (holding emotions inside), is not healthy for your body and creates unneeded stress. Communication also goes beyond simply talking. Communication also requires everyone to take turns listening and discussing problems when PERSONALITY PAPER they are presented.

Many times, I find myself struggling to have someone there to listen to what I have to say. Similar to my ESFP description, I am usually the listener in most situations and tend to be rather open-minded about issues. Therefore, many times I struggle to find an individual that will listen to me and give me good advice. So, another communication issue I could work on is finding a special individual that I can trust and share my feelings with (possibly another ESFP). Temperament Characteristics Along with any personality there are both positives and negatives affiliated with both.

Several characteristics I found to be positive about ESFP is that they are extremely flexible, diverse, and “go with the flow” exceptionally well. Usually, when plans are changed I tend to shrug it off and go onto the next task. Unlike most individuals, I do not dwell on what could have been missed of an opportunity, but instead think of the many opportunities that a wait. Another positive personality characteristic associated with ESFP is that they are generous and warm hearted. I absolutely love helping people in need and would do anything for anyone.

I will drop whatever I am doing to come and help a friend or anyone in need no matter what. My friends know they can always rely on me for anything whenever they have a problem (although sometimes they take advantage of this trait). Along with the good characteristics, we know that there must be some bad characteristics associated with ESFP. One weakness related to ESFP is that they are frivolous and risky with money. I found this to be extremely true because I am always at the mall shopping for clothes or going to delicious restaurants with friends.

Therefore, not soon after I receive my paycheck from PERSONALITY PAPER Dairy Queen, it is almost completely gone. I often have to count on others around me to make sure I do not spend my money frivolously. Lastly, ESFP individuals tend to dislike criticism and take things extremely personally. When I first read this I was in awe. I thought it was crazy how accurate this personality test is because this describes me perfectly. Whenever anyone gives me criticism (whether constructive or not) I am always deeply offended.

I take it so personally and sometimes even become saddened because I always like to think I am doing everything perfectly. It is horrible that I think so negatively about myself sometimes because of my perfectionist attitudes. Many of these weaknesses listed are things that I could continue to work on individually on a day to day basis. Disposition Background When filling out the disposition paper handed to us in class, I was not aware of the quantity of dispositions we experience on a daily basis. No matter where we are or what our profession, we are constantly bombarded with dispositions of many kinds.

It was interesting to become aware of the many dispositions we encounter on a daily basis and being able to better recognize the better choices in each decision we make. For instance, while working at Dairy Queen I experienced many dispositions in which I later had to reflex upon while filling out the dispositions paper. It was interesting to see how this assignment changed the way I would have made a decision. If not for the assignment I would not have thought, “How will this make the other person feel and will this provide the better outcome? ” Overall, being aware of these dispositions made me feel good about where I stand on issues nd made me think about the consequences of my actions. PERSONALITY PAPER All in all this personality and dispositions assignment really helped me determine who I am as a person. Throughout reading many detailed personality descriptions I was able to ask myself if that trait was a common behavior of mine or if that described my personality accurately. In addition, this assignment also helped me figure out what areas of my personality I need to work on such as communication. All in all, this was a great learning experience and helped me get a greater understanding of what it is I perceive myself to be.

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